3 Free IPhone Apps To Use On A Rainy Day

iPhone appThe transition between spring and summer can get a bit rough. It’s like Mother Nature is mad at itself for not staying in spring. Well mother nature we are mad too! With all these storms, we are forced to chill inside. This used to be boring back in the 80’s and 90’s because well…The Internet wasn’t so popular. Now though…we almost completely rely on the Internet for our entertainment and even our safety. I honestly think that’s okay because the Internet does its job! It does everything that we want it do (almost always). Here are some of the ways we can use the Internet, technology, and our iPhones specifically when Mother Nature gets a little too rough!


Okay we all know that Draw Something, Scrabble, & Words With Friends are all out. They had a good run, but its time to move onto something a little more challenging and hip. We are now starting to see that people are noticing great design instead of just “cool graphics” and “oh! How can I connect this with Facebook ?!”. That stuff just does not really impress us. And that’s good! It shouldn’t at all! Letterpress is that game that proves this! It’s a wonderfully made app that is so simply. It’s 2-colored theme really sets it apart. Simplicity is key!


This might be more for the boys. Seriously guys, this app is definitely a “bro” game. That’s what my friends and me like to call it, simply because it really does take a high level of “bro-ness” to go far with this game. I do not even know how to explain this one. It’s supposed to be a team of space travelers? They apparently go through some turbulence? The best part about this game is that all of your friends have to be vocal about everything. The point is to yell out what’s on your screen so that your friends can follow those commands. It’s almost like having 4 captains in one space ship. Except all the captains have to do the work too. There is no one leader. It gets pretty nuts! The kicker of it all is the stuff you have to yell. You are forced to say some of the strangest combinations of words! It’s amazing!


We all know that rain, snow, or a basically anything we can justify it with… makes us lazy! I don’t know what it is about rain and snow and all those other types of inclement whether but we really feel so unproductive when it hits us, don’t we? Well If you are in your home and you do not want to get up to maybe lock the door, change your home’s temperature, lock cabinets (guns & medicine) or maybe simply check on the other parts of your home though the cameras set up by this home security company, Alarm.com can do all that for you! It’s so cool how you can essentially chill on your bed and not have to worry about anything else going on in your home. My favorite part of technology is that part that lets me do almost everything in bed.


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