5 Free Sources of Online Traffic for Your Business

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The boom of online marketing over the past few years has meant increased profit for many entrepreneurs and corporations. The Internet allows for businesses to reach an unlimited number of potential clients or customers, thus improving the bottom line. This however requires the right amount of online traffic. The following is a list of 5 free online sources that can help improve traffic for your business website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tried and true way of driving traffic to your business website. SEO is free, but does require constant updating of quality material and strategic use of keywords that search engines will love. If a certain keyword or phrase is searched for by many people, there is a greater chance of someone being driven to websites that are centered on these words, giving the website a higher ranking and more visibility.

Social Media

This is an increasingly popular way to drive traffic to your business. The use of sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter help businesses stay abreast of what potential customers are looking for. In addition, because social media is being used every day by millions, there is always a steady stream of new leads to be generated if this medium is used correctly.

Free Classified Ads

The power of the classified ad should not be ignored. Sites such as Craigslist are being searched daily by individuals typically looking for a specific service or item. This is a great way to target an audience in a certain locale. The content of an ad can be changed and multiple ads can be posted for a variety of different locations.

 Article Marketing

There are many ways to generate traffic by writing good quality articles. Many businesses are utilizing the practice of writing a short article based on the type of business you have and then submitting it to an article directory. This can drive a good amount of traffic to your website. In addition, this works by using search engines and by creating an interest in a business via interesting articles. Popular directories with built in readership will hopefully post the article and create a link to a businesses’ website.

Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic exchange sites are gaining in popularity as many people are starting to realize the potential in this marketing tool. Using a point exchange system, a business would essentially exchange points in order to have traffic driven to their website. This method can be a great way to gather information on potential clients and customers or to gain more followers on a business social media profile. There are many exchange sites that charge money, but a few are free for now and the possibilities for a business are endless.

The use of the Internet to boost a companies’ marketing potential has made it possible for even the smallest businesses to make money. With the right amount of research and energy, free online marketing tools can help bring in customers that a business may never have reached. These methods may take some time and planning, but the payoff is definitely worth it.

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