22 Free Web Resources You Can Use To Become More Productive

Do you constantly find yourself struggling to keep distractions at bay? Are you unable to maintain your productivity? Well, we feel you! In the age of the internet, there is absolutely no dearth of distractions. So, how do you complete the tasks that need your undivided attention? The internet has a fix for that too. It provides you with the access to various resources that enhance your productivity.

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1. Hootsuite

Instead of diverting your attention, operate each of your social media pages and profiles when you have the opportunity to get things done productively. Now imagine that you’ve put together a great blog post and you really want to leverage the power of social media to disseminate the content as far as possible. Instead of tweeting and sharing about it on all of your social media profiles one by one, you can utilize Hootsuite to determine exactly when and how often you want your blog post to be circulated on each of your individual social media pages.

Now, if the ideal time of promoting your content on Facebook falls on Tuesday mornings between 8 and 9 am, enter the specific date and time on Hootsuite to ensure it gets shared on that particular day. Repeat the same process for other platforms to engage a large number of viewers.

2. Unroll.me

You may be on your toes, always busy with some important work. It is obvious that you wouldn’t want your inbox to be crammed with unnecessary emails. When you sign in to use Unroll.Me, you’ll come across a detailed list of all your subscription emails. You can unsubscribe from the services that you no longer require. Also, for the subscriptions that you want to retain, the software will “roll” them into a single message so that you can go through it every day rather than skimming through scores of emails.

3. Productivity Owl

This is an extension of Google Chrome that helps you to stay productive. This extension is known to literally appear in front of your face. Whenever you are spending a few extra minutes browsing through the web pages that you know you shouldn’t be looking at, the little Productivity Owl appears from the corner of your screen to notify you that it’s time to stay away from social media so that you can complete your pending tasks that have to be completed urgently.

4. Audible

The books you read are a deliberate investment in your personal development. But how do you maintain the habit of reading when you are busy? Well, there’s a simple and fun solution to this problem. You can listen to audio books instead!

When you use this application, you can listen to books while you walk, run, or on your way to work.

5. Slack

This is an instant messaging service. If used to its fullest potential, it can assist the teams within an organization to keep up with a flow of tasks through group chats and a tool for transferring files quickly and seamlessly. Most importantly, it enables you to personalize your notifications so that you’re only looking into it when you have to.

Slack provides the basic service for free, and you have the option to avail the subscription service to meet the requirements of your business.

6. Podcasts

Podcasts can be a vital resource for productivity, specifically when you have a purpose. Want to learn about crucial business insights or how to boost your self-confidence? You can listen to a podcast on self-improvement. Keep your iTunes handy and let Podcasts perk you up.

Also, when you are in need of some innovative ideas from that business book your colleague raved about, you can listen to a non-fiction podcast. They’re fun, free, and will allow you to gain sufficient knowledge to increase your productivity in a limited span of time.

7. FocusWriter

This resource offers a simple, distraction-free writing process for anyone who needs to accomplish important tasks and writing assignments. With this tool, you get a simple, full-screen blank canvas where you can begin writing your assignment without interruptions.

It also consists of features like alarms, goal setting, timers, themes, typewriter sound effects, statistics, and spell checking. No wonder this tool has been recommended by essay writers and assignments experts from distinguished homework help services.


The acronym for this resource is “If this, then that”, and it’s an application that enables you to create simple chains of productivity using simple “recipes”. These “recipes” serve as Actions and Triggers that compel you to stay productive.

For instance, you can form a recipe that inadvertently turns every email you get in your Gmail account into reminders in your iOS Reminders app.

9. Wakerupper

This website offers you simple telephonic reminders, so that you can set the alarm at a particular time to remind yourself of significant events. You can set the alarm for reminding you about taking your medication on time, sneak out from a boring meeting, or set follow-ups for tasks you meant to accomplish within a specific time. Another iPhone app that is similar in nature is Due for iPhones, which continuously reminds you of the things you need to get done until you finish them.

10. Lift

Do you want to get into the habit of running every day? Or do you want to consume more water than you usually do? Want to spend at least 15 minutes reading before hitting the bed? Lift assists you in nurturing better habits by maintaining your daily progress and sending you push notifications to indicate that you need to stay on track. Another great website for inculcating good habits is HabitForge, which provides a system that will act as a daily reminder of your goals.

11. Doodle

If you are trying to organize a meeting, you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of sending emails and then follow-up emails to ensure the availability of all the parties concerned. Rather, you can use Doodle to determine a few potential windows of time that are reasonable to conduct the meeting, and also ask everyone concerned to confirm a suitable time that works for them. It’ll be much convenient to find the time slot that will be reasonable for everyone.

12. Moosti

Pomodoro is an Italian term for “tomato,” and it originally refers to the tomato-shaped cooking timer Francesco Cirillo utilized as a college student. His technique comprised of breaking a task down into 25-minute long of continuous work, with a five-minute break squeezed in between. Moosti is a fairly simple way to use the technique while you’re trying to accomplish the task at hand.

13. Zamzar

Are you looking for a great file converter to convert PDF documents? Zamzar lets you convert different documents, images, video, and audio formats. The next time you’re searching for tools to convert PDF file, you can use this app.

14. SelfControl

What if we tell you that it’s easy to dodge the temptation to constantly check your social media pages, be it Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram? Yes, it is not impossible after all. SelfControl, as the name aptly suggests, is an application that lets you block your own access to various distracting (read: social media) websites, your mail servers and almost all the tempting traps floating around on the web.

All you need to do is set a particular timeframe to block the specific sites to your blacklist and click on the “Start” option. Until the timer goes off, you won’t be able to visit those websites even if you restart your computer or remove the app.

15. Coffitivity

It has scientifically been proven that people tend to be more productive with their work when they get white noise in the background. This website recreates the sound of a coffee shop to attain the perfect blend of calm and chaos. This will enable you to get over the slump and enliven you to carry on with your work without feeling stuck. Other websites that present great background noise for maintaining your focus and your productivity are Focus At Will and Rainymood.

16. Gutenberg

Are you looking for some random e-book to read? Gutenberg might become your favorite tool. It is an online library that comprises of over 46,000 free books that you can read anytime. You can select a book from a wide variety of categories like history, technology, education, and fiction. This way, you can make productive use of your time, instead of switching between the same apps all the time.

17. Evernote

This might as well be recognized as the titan of web resources that support you to become more productive. With Evernote, you can stay on the right track with your daily tasks and engagements. What’s more, you can utilize this resource by implementing it along with the Getting Things Done productivity methodology, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success for a considerably long time.

18. Spreeder

You may be an avid reader, but it’s understandable if you haven’t quite grasped the ability to read 300 words a minute and actually remember that information. The wise thing to do is to gradually improve the speed of reading and comprehension. This is when Spreeder comes in. The website presents software that boosts your ability to read faster and remember the information that you read. This is another tool that ensures you don’t have to compromise with your productivity.

19. Clear Focus

This is another timer which utilizes the Pomodoro Technique to stop you from wasting too much time in distractions. The tool helps you to focus on the task at hand, by providing small breaks in between work sessions. This way you are able to concentrate more and get things done in a lot less time. Just a tap of a button and you will successfully accomplish your task.

20. Sleepy Time

There’s a good reason why this tool is on the list. No matter how many productivity tricks, resources, or tool you apply, these will never replace your body’s need for sleep. Sleepy Time is a bedtime calculator that is supposed to assist you in maintaining a steady and healthy snoozing schedule.

You can switch it on before you hit the bed and let it determine how many hours of sleep you need to catch for your body to function at high levels of productivity throughout the day.

21. GetFlashNotes

Don’t have enough time to read the pile of books you want to finish? You can use GetFlashNotes book summaries and read them without losing out on your productive hours, in less than 20 minutes flat. Also, you can read the best self-help, business and finance books in a matter of minutes. The tool makes a great productivity resource that you should never let go of.

What’s more, the summaries come specifically formatted for every device, so that’s a win-win for everyone.

22. Quora

Quora is possibly the most popular amongst all other web resources that help with productivity. You can count on it whenever you need an answer to a question, whether it’s about life lessons, relationships, or general knowledge.

The advantage of posting your question on this website is that majority of your answers are provided by people who actually know the subject you’re enquiring about.

Using these resources would ensure that your productivity never suffers and you accomplish all the tasks efficiently.

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