FTalk App – Chat With Facebook Friends From Your Desktop

Is there anybody around who is not acquainted with Facebook? Logging into Facebook account and chatting with your Facebook friends is a wonderful way to have a gala time. However, you have to make the effort of opening the Facebook in a new browser. Chatting with Facebook friends without opening it in separate browser – many desire to do so! How about having a desktop client for Facebook like Yahoo!, MSN and AIM messenger?

fTalk is the desktop client of the Windows you were searching for! With this desktop application, you can now have the pleasure of conversing with Facebook friends right from Windows desktop. No need to open it in some other browser. fTalk is a reliable and handy utility offered to the Facebook fans so that they can stay tuned with the Facebook friends anytime they want.

ftalk application
fTalk application

Initially fTalk started as an easy messenger application, but with addition of greater number of advanced features each day, it has turned out to be the favorite desktop messenger client for many. Want to download this application? Visit the website of fTalk and install the application once you download it for your desktop. When you are installing this messenger application, you will notice a toolbar being displayed on your screen. Well, this is not necessary for using the application. Therefore, it’s your choice to install this toolbar.

Once you have installed fTalk, sign to the Facebook account and allow permission prior using this app. Once you are logged in, fTalk app will be right on your desktop offering you the entire list of your Facebook friends. Can’t find a friend in the list? Type the name in search box provided. Much like Google Talk, in fTalk also you will receive notification for each friend appearing online. You also have the opportunity to set your preferences or open up the fTalk window.

Double click on your best friend in the list and chat window will open up right in front of you! Want to go for a video chat? The facility is also provided in fTalk provided both of you have a webcam. fTalk has proved to be a nice desktop client messenger. No more distractions from advertisements on your Facebook page. Enjoy chatting with your beloved friend with fTalk application right now!

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