Cat Fight is Better- Google and Apple Fight Just Raises Babble

The altercate which is boiling every day to a new temperature between Google and Apple. The total chaos is just to decide who the most superior power in the mobile market is? The fight has been named as “defining fight” in the industry, according to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Google and Apple fight

Schmidt says the answer still remains unfound but the beneficiary of mobile market is neither Google nor Apple rather at the end its the users and followers of both the entities.

He added to his words that “The Android-Apple platform fight is the defining fight in the industry today,” he said. “We’ve not seen platform/networks fights at this scale. The beneficiary is you guys [consumers]. Prices are dropping rapidly. That’s a wonderful value proposition.”

The comment actually specifies the heights that this competition or a race to win the mobile market has reached. And may be weird surprises be waiting our way in the coming years.

Schmidt had a reserved seat in the board of Apple but with the competition gaining a greater fire Schmidt stepped out keeping himself away from the chaos. Even the former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs was furious about the launch of android because he felt it to be the copy of iOS operating system. The same influenced lots of patents to be certified, and a hell number of chaos between Apple and Google. Schmidt even had a strong feeling that this battle field may bring the industry into shags.

“Software is always overlapping. There are estimates there are some 200,000 patents that cover devices in the market so we are seeing fight after fight based on prior art and in every case there is some prior art that invalidates a patent,” he said. “This is bad for innovation for the software industry, it eliminates choice.”

Schmidt had no answers for the question that can we expect a new maps app on Apple, but had clear thoughts about the Google vs. Apple fight: “Apple should have kept with our maps.”

“The fact of the matter is they decided a long time ago to do their own maps, and we saw this coming with their acquisitions,” Schmidt said. “I think Apple has learned that maps are hard. We invested hundreds of millions of dollars in satellite work, airplane work, drive-by work, and we think we have the best product in the industry.”

And this is how the fight has become one of the most discussed topics in the market.

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