Google+ Hangouts: The New Frontier For Business

Google Plus HangoutFeeling too much like a jetsetter and not a lawyer? Conducting business in this fast-paced world can be exhausting now that we’re connected with professionals all over the country. But sometimes, flying from state to state just to meet with clients, investors, and interviewees is a necessity. Google+ Hangouts, however, might be able to make conducting business a whole lot easier for you.

Video conferencing has probably become the greatest communication invention since the telephone. Not only are we able to talk with anyone in the world, but also we can see their face, read their emotions, and watch their reactions. For lawyers, this type of communication can be crucial to their business. Take a look at the various ways you can incorporate Google+ Hangouts into your law firm.

In-Your-Face Customer Service

If you’re an attorney with clients all the over the country, or even the world, you’ll be able to take your customer service to the next level with Google+ Hangouts. When flying from city to city just isn’t going to fit into your budget or schedule, you can set up a Hangout with clients instead. See their reaction when you tell them the good news, study their body language in preparation for court, or enjoy a new spin on the old fashioned face-to-face meeting.

Customer service has evolved to the point where consumers prefer mom and pop retailers, small businesses, and local vendors because of the human interaction they afford. While your law firm might have offices all over the world and have thousands of clients, you can still give each one the personal touch via Google+ Hangouts.

Board Meetings From The Couch

Whether you’re on the couch, at the airport, or working in between ski runs, Google+ Hangouts can have you connected with your team in just a matter of minutes. And your employees can be scattered about, too. As long as everyone has a computer and Internet connection, every meeting can continue as planned.

You can even consider cutting down on office space and travel expenses if you incorporate Hangouts as part of your business plan. Employees can work from home, on the road, or anywhere they please. This way, your law firm can branch out and have a wider reach than your competitors.

Google+ Hangouts also has productivity apps built in so if documents need to be reviewed, contracts need to be signed, or presentations need to be made, every one can have a clear view with editing capabilities right on their computers. Collaboration has never been easier than this.

Public Promotion

Video chat was originally designed with idea in mind that families wanted to connect with distant relatives, friends wanted to stay in touch, and businesses wanted to collaborate. But now video chat is evolving to mesh all of those ideas together. Imagine being able to promote your law firm and the expertise of your employees through promotions like Q&As, lectures, and meet-and-greets. You can connect with potential clients, investors, and business partners, all while marketing your law firm.

You can also use video chat to network with attorneys that are too far away to come to your company’s events. Host a networking Hangout where lawyers, paralegals, and partners can all chat, interact, and swap information. It’s like a big mixer but you won’t have to pay for the venue or the catering.

World Wide Interviews

When your company is in the midst of a recruiting process, it can be difficult to visit every college you’re interested in recruiting from, meeting with every viable candidate, or even getting to know your headhunters. But video chat might be able to change all of that for you. Use Hangouts to meet with law school students all over the country. Essentially, you can get to know them in the comfort of their own home where they’ll be as relaxed as possible. You’ll get a good feel for what they’re like in their own element. And the best part is that you can meet with a student from Georgetown and another from Berkeley all in the same day.

If you have several hiring managers, recruiters, and HR personnel that normally sit in on interviews, they can all be included on the conference. Everyone will be able to speak their turn, regardless of where they are.

Video conferencing is becoming so popular in the business world because it can save your firm time, money, and resources. Instead of wasting time flying around the country, you can focus on your meetings over the Internet and then get on with your busy day. It’s never been this easy to communicate with clients, business partners, or employees. And with all the extra time you have on your hands, you can be pushing your law firm’s developments to new heights.


Written by Austin Faux for Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, whom are dedicated to serving Nebraska. Their approach of treating every client as their own unique case differs from the cookie-cutter methods of many others. Their successes defeding the rights of those in the Omaha area are numerous; so contact them if you want the best Lawyers in Nebraska.
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