Google Issues Last Reminder To Upgrade To Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google AdwordsGoogle’s adwords enhanced campaigns are set to launch on the 22nd of June 13 according to Google’s ‘Last reminder’ email. Google have made the bold move to change the way in which adwords works and has worked for a long time in order to create ‘marketing for constantly connected world’. While there are many benefits of the new enhanced campaigns it means a lot of work for those managing adwords/pay per click campaigns as they prepare for the launch. So what does enhanced campaigns mean for adwords and is it worth all the bother?

What Is Enhanced?

The launch of enhanced means everybody using adwords will have to switch on the 22nd of June, but what does this mean for our adwords campaigns. The idea behind enhanced is to enable us to better target our audience. Adwords already enables us to target users in accordance to their intent but enhanced will let us dig even deeper.

When adwords was first created the only way in which the user accessed search was via a computer or laptop. These days almost all of us are constantly connected due to the introduction of smart phones and tablets, where ever we go our devices go with us. Adwords wasn’t created for use on these devices and while the user can easily search via smart phones etc our current adwords campaigns are not targeted for the user on the go. Google has outlined that we are missing a trick here and that we can better target the mobile user.

What Are The Benefits?

Whilst it may seem like a lot of work to upgrade all your campaigns and get to know enhanced before it launches there are a lot of benefits of the enhanced campaigns. In order to target the user better using enhanced now means that you can adjust your bids in accordance to time, location and device.

Location– Using enhanced we can now edit bids due to location. For example if you know that your conversion rate is higher in particular locations you can increase or reduce your bids in accordance to location. This is also great for anyone who owns a local business that people would be looking to use when nearby. For example if you own a take away restaurant and your conversion rate is great when users search with in a one mile radius, mediocre within a five mile radius and poor any further afield you can use this to set bids depending on location.

Time- Using the same example as we used when looking at location again time can greatly affect your conversion rate. It’s about using your results and understanding when people are searching for your services. So again you own the take away restaurant, you know your conversion rate is much higher during evenings and weekends, so you adjust your bid rate depending on time and location getting the most out of your campaign and increasing conversions.

Device– Using enhanced means it’s now easier to bid more or less on traffic coming specifically from mobile devices. Back to the age old take away restaurant example; if you are a business that takes most of its orders over the phone you most likely have a lot of people searching on mobile devices when looking for your services. Mobile ads can feature a ‘click to call’ button making it easy for users to get in contact or place an order. You can increase bids on mobile devices to specifically target these people.

So now you’ve got the whole package. You’ve increased bids according to location, those a mile away from your restaurant are more likely to find your ad than those further away, you’ve also increased bids on mobile devices so those out and about ready to order are coming across your ads too and let’s not forget you’ve got time covered too, only targeting those who are searching during your opening hours and at times when people typically eat out.

It looks as if the future is looking bright for the adwords enhanced campaigns. With better targeted campaigns we are able to use our understanding of the user and our company to our advantage and ensure we get the most out of adwords.


Eilidh MacRae works for Marketing By Web who provide PPC management.
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