5 Minute Guide To Facebook Ads For Local Business

Facebook adsIn today’s cut-throat business world, it’s crucial that you have a strong internet presence for your local business. One of the best ways of increasing your business’ overall performance is to become involved in social media by making use of Facebook ads. Here are a few ways your business can benefit from using Facebook ads.

Zeroing in On Your Target Audience

By far, one of the best things about Facebook ads is that you can laser-target who you want to view your ads based on criteria such as age, sex, interests and location. For example, if you run a local nail salon, you can opt to target your ads to women in your area who are interested in fashion, beauty, nail art or salons.

Experience Viral Marketing at it’s Best

Whenever someone ‘likes’ your Facebook ad or business page, it appears on their wall for all of their friends and followers to see. This ‘snowball effect’ is the ultimate in viral marketing as all of that person’s friends will see your page in their news feed and will then have the option of liking it themselves. Facebook ads are a great way to attract attention to your business and gain new customers at a quick rate. For instance, a local business selling used pool tables, Facebook fan page is another to drive traffic to the website.

Cost-Effectiveness to Stretch Your Marketing Budget

The reasonable price of Facebook ads is one of their most appealing features. These ads can cost as little as $10 a day and as much as you want to spend. It’s best to start out on the low end by testing a few ad types, images and landing pages, spending just a few dollars a day. Once you figure out what ads are working for you, you can then choose your best performing ad and put more money behind it.

Clearly Tell Users What You Have for Them

Facebook gives you 25 characters for the ad title and 135 for the ad copy. This means that you must be clever and try to communicate the value of what you’re offering your audience. If you get your title and copy right, you’ll clearly tell people what you have and why it’s of value to them. In short, you can fine-tune and define your message to increase the chance that your targeted customers will convert.

Budget Control

Facebook offers you two ways of setting up a price structure for your ads. You can choose to be charged every time someone clicks on your ad or you can be charged for every 1,000 impressions your ads make (an impression is each time your ad is displayed to a user). Which you choose is up to you but many beginners go with the second option as it helps them stay on budget while fine-tuning their Facebook ads.


Facebook is one of the most popular website on earth that is viewed globally by millions and millions of people a day. Even though you have a local business, there’s no question that if you sell a product, your business could benefit greatly from having a broader reach. And, because so many people today are accessing the internet from their mobile devices, you can use Facebook advertising to make your presence known to local smartphone users who are looking for businesses while on the move.


Laurie Johnson is a social media consultant. She helps small business to effectively utilze display ads on social media platforms.
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