How to Automatically Delete Spam Emails from Gmail

Are you getting frustrated by deleting spam email manually? Want to know how to delete those spam emails automatically then you are in the right place. Gmail has the filter options to automatically delete your spam emails from Gmail.

There is no doubt that Gmail is most used email service providers. Gmail is not only for personal use it is also used for business also. There is option for that also to custom domain address with Gmail.

If your Gmail is used in various websites and unknowingly subscribed for newsletter then you will get unlimited spam emails which will reduce free disk space assigned to your Gmail account. Keep in mind that Google gives only 15GB space for free Gmail users. The space is not only for Gmail also for other’s google services like Google Drive and Google Photos. So, to maintain the space you should delete spam emails. Manually delete all spam email is time consuming. The best solution is to automatically delete all spam emails from spam folder to save time and the disk space. Delete spam emails automatically from Gmail account is very easy task.    

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Process to Delete Spam Emails from Gmail

There is no technical skill required to delete for this setting. Just follow the below steps…

1. Sign in to your Gmail account with email id and password.

2. In Gmail window you will get a settings icon at the top-right corner. Click on the settings icon.

gmail settings icon

3. Once you click on setting icon you will get See All Settings button. Click on See All Settings button which will open the settings page.

Gmail See All Settings button

4. In the setting page click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab.

Filters and Blocked Addresses tab in Gmail

5. In this window click on “Create new filter” hyperlink which will open a popup box.

Create new filter

6. In popup box write in:spam in “Has the words” textbox and click on Create Filter button which will filter all the spam emails labelled by Gmail.

Create Filter popup box in Gmail

7. Once you click on Create Filter button the warning alert message will appear. Just ignore the waring message and click OK to continue.

Create Filter warning

8. In the next screen just check the box Delete it.

check delete option

9. Click on Create Filter button to complete the process.

After completion of this process all your spam emails will automatically deleted. Implement this process to solve your problem.

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