How Conversion Rate Optimisation Can Improve Your Bottom Line

conversion rate optimization

Running a business is hard work. You invest a lot of time, money and effort into making your product or service as good as it can be, but are you satisfied with the returns on your investment? Are you getting the sales that you feel you deserve? If not, conversion rate optimisation could be the solution. If you want better leads, and more sales, then why not recruit an online marketing company to hone every aspect of your marketing programme?

Conversion rate optimisation is not just the latest buzzword. It’s a complete, data-driven system that improves your marketing efforts. When you ask an online marketing company to improve your results, they look at every aspect of your marketing efforts, and tweak them so that you’re providing your prospective customers with the experience that they want, not just what you want. The experience of your visitors can be refined to perfection – with the sales copy, layout and colour scheme tweaked until it’s perfectly targeted at your chosen target audience’s interests.

Understanding Your Market

The first stage of conversion rate optimisation is studying and understanding your market. Any successful online marketing company understands that different users want, and respond to, different things. By tracking the paths users take through a website, and the ads that they choose to click on, you can learn what works best for your target audience.

Understanding what your users want is vital if you want to get them engaged with your company. Even if you don’t get a sale today, there’s always the chance of getting them to subscribe to your mailing list, or bookmark your site to come back later – when they will buy. If you have more than one product in a specific niche, you can even bring the existence of the other products to the attention of a customer that comes looking for one of the related ones.

Conversion rate optimisation turns passing visitors into strong leads. Traffic that doesn’t convert is next to useless – it’s costing you bandwidth, and possibly ad clicks too, but giving you nothing in return. Careful optimisation saves you money by improving the quality of your marketing campaign, and increases the chance of you getting conversions from your traffic. It doesn’t have to be a one-off process either. It may be that your online marketing company decides to use a form of continuous optimisation, refining and testing pages while they are live. This process is popular for sites in fast-moving niches, where trends and tastes can change frequently

Can You Afford Not to Optimise?

It may sound like a lot of work, but really, conversion rate optimisation is a must for any successful online marketing company. Why take the chance that your sales copy isn’t quite as good as it could be, or that a different image or layout would provide better results? The work involved in testing and optimizing your site will pay off in the long term through an increase in sales and repeat visitors, meaning more customers, and more income for you.

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As the content producer and webmaster for Principal Homebuyers – a company that matches buyers and sellers of homes and commercial properties – Jon Platy has learnt first-hand the power of conversion rate optimisation.
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