How To Advertise With Yellow Pages Online

Yellow PagesIf you own a business, you are well aware of how crucial effective advertising is for the success of your company.  ‘Tell them, and they will come’ just about sums it up—tell the public who you are, what you do, and where you are; and they will find you!  On-line advertising is bursting at the seams since the Internet has become the unstoppable force that drives the entire industrialized world to and fro, back and forth, left and right, up and down, without ceasing.

For decades, Yellow Pages has been used as a valuable advertising tool; and to this day, it remains a heavily sought-after source of information for people who are looking for everything from dentists to mechanics to pet stores to ballet schools. But now, in this tech-savvy world, the Yellow Pages has made its way onto the Internet!

Yellow-Pages Advertising is Easy!

1:  Go to the Yellow Pages website-

The three most-common websites are, and You’ll notice a link that says: “Advertise With Us.” It’s usually located in one of two places– near the top of the page or at the very bottom.

2:  Choose a Type of Advertising-

You’ll need to determine if you would like to do an Internet or a print advertisement, or both. You’ll click “Print” on the top of the toolbar if you choose a print ad. You’ll see types of advertisements such as coupons, cover ads and banners and logos.   Once you’ve chosen the type of ad, click “Get A Quote” and then fill out the personal information and click “Submit”. A Yellow Pages associate with contact you to guide you on how to further proceed. There are also companies like National Ad Force Digital that specialize in creating campaigns.

If the Internet is to your liking, click “Internet” and then click “Get Started Now”. You’ll enter your business phone number and click “Search”. You’ll be asked to provide your business address information, as well.   You’ll then be prompted to choose the most applicable business category; and you will click “Add Category” and then click “Continue”. Here, it’s important to provide as much detail as possible so the most effective ad can be crafted. Finally, you will create an account with Yellow Pages to finalize the process.

3:  You Can Create A Free Listing-

For a free listing, you will be asked to provide information concerning your business, such as:

** your primary phone number

** your business name

** your name, email address and street address

** year your company was established

You have the option of being noticed on YPmobile Apps, as well, so those who use smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices will have your business information at their fingertips.

4:  You Can Purchase Premium Options-

It would behoove any savvy business owner to purchase ‘better placement’ on Yellow Pages advertising, through various options that would allow one’s business to become more noticeable which, of course, would increase on-line traffic for one’s site. Some better-placement options would include top-positioning among search results, embedding a banner ad on the page and offering click-through logos or links that easily guide visitors directly to one’s website.

These effective advertising enhancements can be purchased, via a credit card, while you are creating your listing or you could choose to contact a Yellow-Pages salesperson to finalize the sale at a more opportune time.

Good luck and may your business thrive!


As the full time supervisor for an online marketing service provider, Daniel Holdeman labors as a posting guest to assist corporations in the United States. He works in California, and is soaking up these times alongside his special wife plus their 3 munchkins. Mr. H. harkens individuals to look at his Google Plus affiliation when they can.
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