How to Build A Keyword List For Your Next Successful PPC Campaign

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Advertising is difficult business, stores must learn to optimize, their revenue without sounding too desperate at times. In comes Keyword usage and simple SEO hacks. However, SEO takes time and some analyst, believe it has become a rather older way of marketing a products. In comes PPC or Pay-per-click, also known as cost per click CPC, it is an internet advertising method used, to direct traffic to websites. It is far more effective and today we will sit down to discuss, how to build a keyword list, for your next successful PPC campaign.

1. Build your foundation

I cannot stress this enough, you need to have a strong foundation to begin with. Most of the time these things can be a little scary, but more often or not it’s really fun. Building your keyword empire is an integral part of this process, as one idea can form an intricate web of words, people can then use.

Different occasions call for different keywords. Moreover your empire can span over different keywords for the same topic, widen your horizons as much as possible.

2. Relevance

Once you’ve formed your keyword, pleasee make sure you fill it with relevant keywords, it’s easy to get lost on the possibilities. Furthermore, getting side tracked is simply not an option. If you’re worried as too how you are going to do this, don’t be… there are hundreds of keyword tools out there, to help set you on the right path.

Plan, strategize and reorganize only relevant keywords are accepted. Today for example, you can set filter parameters to, not include keywords containing your competitor’s brand mentions, exclude keywords containing dates or years, filter out keywords with low search volume, high CPC, etc., put simply, use logic, and reasoning when setting filters, and you will succeed.

3. Take out the trash

Another way to refine your keyword list, is to remove any unnecessary keywords. For instance, is a couponing website, therefore, their keyword list include top brands discount codes relevant keywords. So, all you have to do is simply put out the trash, and build a relevant keyword list.

4. Remove the unwanted

Okay let’s just say you have, the keywords chocolate and milk chocolate. In essence you want to allow Google to diversify your ‘milk chocolate’, from other keywords, it considers relevant, for example, with milk or any other word for that matter. This way you will end up, having two different kinds of ads coming up in search, for the same keyword, causing your ads to essentially compete, with one another other, you don’t want this by any means.

The solution to this very simple problem, would be to add ‘milk’ as a negative. Making it stand out on its own. However, when you have hundreds of keywords, finding these terms manually is a nightmare. Moreover, can be very time consuming, and in this business, every minute counts.

Keyword tools, provide you with a unique feature that removes cross-negatives, thus preventing the oncoming onslaught, amongst your AdWords campaigns. However, this requires some pre-prepared work, namely dividing your existing keyword, list into campaigns. Using simple filters like this, you are sure to find all your keywords, containing the word targeted word, relating to following topic or subgenre. Now simply you can proceed to removing, cross-negatives in all your campaigns.

5. Concluding Rites

If you remember whatever I’ve told you and actually apply it out there, you are sure to really make an impact. Always understand that you are never alone and the internet is always readily available for your help. Just remember to stay on point and if this is something you like doing be sure to really have as much fun as possible.

Remove unnecessary keywords and always organize, strategize and plan ahead, that way you will always stay ahead of the game without having for you to worry too much. Moreover in the end the amount of dough you are sure to earn, will almost certainly make you mad, it should be motivation enough for this mountain load of work.

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