How To Convert Image to Text in Mobile?

There are times when one has to convert text from some image into digital form so that it can be saved for future use. One way to do that is by reading the text and typing it in word or some other such application.

However, this method is very time-consuming, and it also comes with risks of mistakes. To avoid this, you can use online OCR or image-to-text conversion tools.

These tools help you scan handwritten as well as printed text from images and they convert these into editable digitized versions. Let’s take a brief look at what OCR tools are and how they work.

What are OCR tools?

An OCR tool consists of a system of input and output devices that scan your documents for text. Use the camera of your phone to take an image of the text that you want to convert into digital form.

Once the image has been taken, the OCR software assigns corresponding characters and symbols to the letters. OCR compares the symbols or characters in the image with its huge database and quickly produces highly accurate text.

You can copy this text and paste it into word processing tools like PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, or Excel for further modification.

OCR tools are very effective for data entry in businesses as well as for writing long essays and other academic assignments for school. These tools eliminate the need for typing every detail from the image by hand which saves a lot of time and ensures the most accurate conversion of information from the image to text.

Best Image to Text Tools for Mobiles


This is an amazing Image to Text tool that takes images as input by either the drag/drop method or by simply uploading these directly from their source folders. This tool is effective for various image types including PNG, SVG, GIF, JPEG, etc.

You can use this Image to Text Converter Online for scanning printed text, handwritten files, as well as screenshots from your phone. This free tool offers the best layout and full security of your sensitive data which makes it worth your time.

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Main Features

● A very simple, free image to text converter process
● No signup or subscription fee is needed
● Offers unlimited text extractions
● Can work with images having a low resolution or extra small-sized characters
● Can be used on phones as well as PCs for text extraction

2. Easy PDF

This exceptional tool has so much to offer. It allows you to convert any type of text from an image into word, simple text, or excel format. It is directly linked to cloud storage services which allow you to easily download or upload the extracted text on any device you want.

This amazing tool allows you to perform unlimited extraction anonymously. Your sensitive data is always safe with the tool. There are no ads to interrupt text extraction which makes the overall experience quite user-friendly.

Main Features

● Gives access to Google Drive as well as Dropbox
● Can convert the text into Excel, Word, or TXT form
● Deletes the scanned text automatically in a few hours
● It comes with a guide on how to use the tool on the main page
● The layout is quite user-friendly and interactive

3. Made in Text

madeintext image to text

This exciting tool is equipped with a powerful algorithm and a huge database that can help you convert text containing any type of characters and symbols into a digital format.

Text extraction is a simple 2-step process in this tool. You just click on the upload button to add the file and then choose the “Start Scan” option to proceed. The tool scans images within seconds and generates highly accurate output.

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Main Features

● Offers unlimited text extraction free of cost
● Requires no signup or login to perform the task
● There are very few ads to interrupt the process
● Can scan images with blurry text with high accuracy
● Great for scanning handwritten as well as printed text


This tool allows you to upload the image for extraction directly or drag and drop the file. You can also use the URL feature to save your time while performing the extraction.

This tool allows you to convert text from JPG as well as PDF files to a word document which you can further process. The tool supports multiple languages such as Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and English. It is free to use and there are no limits to the number of times you can extract text from images in a day.

Main Features

● Supports multiple file types including PNG, TIFF, JPEG, JPG, BMP, etc.
● Allows you to directly download the text file
● Provides 100% accuracy even in low-resolution images
● Can be used to convert text from pdf to text or word form
● Takes just a few seconds to extract the data from images

5. Counting Characters

This tool can recognize text in more than 65 languages and in different image types including PNG, JPEG, and MBP. The tool offers fast, easy, and safe processing while asking for nothing in return.

There are no ads to interrupt the text extraction which saves time. This tool also offers features like image resizing, cropping, and compressing. This tool is quite effective for extracting text from screenshots as well.

Main Features

● Can scan text in 65+ languages
● Supports multiple image formats
● Allows you to convert unlimited images into text format
● Removes uploaded images automatically after 24 hours
● Simple UI and great user experience

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best OCR tools that you can access on your mobile for the image to text conversion. These tools are compatible with android, iOS devices as well as PCs.

With these tools, you can extract text from any type of image and the best part is that you don’t need to download or install these tools on your phone for text extraction. You can just go online and perform the text extraction from there.

We really hope you find these tools useful and we wish you the very best in finding the right OCR tool that meets your every need.

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