How to take Android Phone Calls on Windows PC?

In this era of technology, there are hundreds of innovations happen on a daily basis. Technology never fails to surprise the people with its power. The latest innovation in the field of technology is gaining high appreciation around the world. Those who don’t want to take a call on their phones while working on PC or desktop, there is good news for them. Yes, you heard right! Now, it is possible to take phone calls on windows PC. You are indeed thinking that how to take Android phone calls on Windows PC?

In this read, you would get to know about everything related to taking phone calls on windows PC. Here is a step by step guide on this whole procedure related to this process. This amazing feature is already available for apple devices. In android devices, it was not able. Now everyone can afford Apple devices but it doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy such a wonderful feature on their phone. For bringing a big smile on the faces of their valuable customers, Microsoft window 10 has come up with this absolutely amazing feature.

Now you would be able to make & receive a call as well as you can send or receive a text on your window screen without having the trouble to lift your phone when you are busy working with your computer. Sending calls straight to voicemail is also possible. Now have a look at steps that you need to follow to connect your phone to PC for getting a call on Window’s PC.

Important steps to connect the phone to Windows’s PC-

Microsoft your phone companion featured

• For connecting your phone to Window’s 10’s PC, you first need to open the “Your Phone app” of the window’s 10.

• This phone app, you would find in the Windows 10 preview. On the right, tap Android and, then tap continue.

• After entering the phone number and clicking to send, you would receive a link that would use to connect PC to android phone.

• When you would open this link message on your phone, then by clicking it, you would jump to Google play. There you would get the app page.

your phone companion

• Install the app and fill the information related to Microsoft account.

• Sign in and continue by tapping on the page that asks to allow the app to access your contacts, files, manage phone calls on the phone. And, also send and view messages.

• After that, tab to next and allow the app to let run in the background.

• Now, allow to let the android device to connect to a computer and continue.

• Finally, your PC would be connected to the phone.

• In addition, you need to give ‘your phone app’ permission to make calls in the phone call settings.

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When your phone is connected to the PC, now see how to take Android phone calls on Windows PC? After the setup/connection of your phone & PC, you are now able to handle your phone duties on the PC.

your phone 20h1

• In ‘Your phone app’ on your computer, in the left pane, click on the calls.

• To make a call/message, search for the contacts or you can use a dialler.

• When a call will come, a dialog box will pop up.

• Now you can accept or decline the call. There you would get an additional feature that you can send a message instead of answering.

Apart from calling/messaging, you can browse photos of your android phone to windows 10 PC. “Your Phone” app is a wonderful app that provides additional features apart from the calling. You can view photos and send messages via this app in a trouble-free manner. Having a customer-friendly platform, it is easy to operate. You can operate it without any tension.

Managing notifications, messages, photos and others is really easy. For that what you have to just click on the left-hand pane and manage items from the app. Also, in case, you are not able to see photos & messages, then click on the refresh. By tapping on refresh, all photos and messages would be visible.

Special features of this advanced technological development.
1. This feature allows users to answer the call from the PC via using microphones, speakers and screen.
2. It has a custom text option.
3. You can see the call history on your computer.
4. Effortlessly transfer calls between Android phones and PC.
5. Make & decline calls from PC.

Conclusion: –

Microsoft support for voice calls and this new feature of Windows 10 insider preview build 20H1. The development of the mobile app called “Your phone” makes the users able to receive & make calls on the computer itself. This app has an in-app dialler and contact list option. “Your phone” app has similar features like the phone so that it becomes easy to operate for the users. It makes users feel like they are operating open even while making a call through their PC.

Note: This mobile app runs on the Android 7.0 or higher version and the computer should have minimum windows 10 build 18362.356.

Apart from this, if you are facing any kind of issue related to taking phone calls on Windows PC, then you can call the customer care staff of Microsoft. They alive 24*7 for offering assistance to their customers in a trouble-free manner. Whether it is the problem of downloading the app or establishing the connection, for any kind of guide, you can contact their customer support. They would try to resolve your problem in the minimum possible time. Also, they would try to guide you through the step by step process to fix the issue.

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