How To Use Infographics As A Useful SEO Tool

Infographics are the latest craze in the SEO community. They are a platform where you can demonstrate plenty of information through a graphic form. This means that they are an engaging way to communicate with your audience and ensure they want to come back for more.

If you post useful content through your infographics you’ll be much more likely to have an audience that appreciates your content and is willing to share. However the main problem is that many people don’t know how to use infographics or where to put them. Below is a series of places where you can place your infographics to get the most exposure.

Infographic Directories

The first place you should aim to get your Infographic into is the various Infographic directories around. These infographics directories are there to expose your work and get it noticed by the people around. The good thing about Infographic directories is that if you complete a good piece of work it could be highlighted.

The best situation you want from an Infographic directory is for it to be featured on the homepage. From there you can hope for a large website to pick it up and use it on their website, both promoting your Infographic and your website.


Another way to promote your Infographic is either through your own blog or through one of your partners. By exposing your Infographic on a blog you enabling you whole audience to be aware of it and have an opportunity to share or like it. This increases engagement and also increases the chances of more people finding it.

Besides this you could also get it featured on another relevant blog with the chance of gaining highly targeted traffic. As well as this if you manage to include the anchor text on the bottom you could also receive a good, authoritative link back from the site. This means you’ll be adding value to their audience but also gaining higher search engine rankings in the meantime.

Social Media

Social media is another fantastic tool to spread the word out about your new content. You can post it on your Twitter and Facebook page and ask your audience to share the content. Since it’s going out to an audience who is already interested in your content you’re more likely to actually get people to comply and get the word out.

Also as with related blogs you can also use social media to utilise partner relationships with affiliated brands. By doing this you have access to their audience and have an opportunity to share your Infographic with them.

In the end Infographics are a great communications tool, but a good SEO tool at that. If you contain your URL at the bottom you will see people come to the exact link and share your content, it can also be used to push social media presence. However way you use it, if you get it right then you have a fantastic opportunity to go viral and reach a large audience.

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