How to Use Video Advertising Effectively – Guide for Small Business Marketing

What comes into your mind when you hear words like “video advertising”? Most people would say that those are the videos you see on the internet. Well, that’s actually right. However, when we look into the real definition of video advertising, it doesn’t only refer to those videos you see online but can also be seen on cable, satellite, and network television. The reason why most people recognize online video advertising is because of the capacity of the internet to reach global audiences. In the early days, business organizations that are using video advertising in promoting their product, services, or just for their companies’ publicity have already reached broad consumers. But in today’s technology, video advertising is not only locally oriented but has already stepped into the global chain.

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It is indeed amazing how technology has moved everybody’s life. However, despite of the positive changes, there are other business groups especially the small ones that are having a hard time coping up with it. Not everyone is knows how to optimize online video advertising for their business’ success. It is true that video advertising in the old days are only used effectively by big corporations but that’s not the case today. Believe it or not, small businesses could already compete with the big guys in the game by knowing the right strategy to use with video advertising.

Online video advertising may sound very easy to do. But the truth is, your success still depends on how your customers would react to it. Here are the three basic yet essential tips that any small businesses could use to be able to succeed in their online video advertising plans:

    • Content Wise – video advertising is not all about astounding effects. Present real details or information about the things your company is promoting. No need for too much exaggeration because it will only lead to deception which could easily elicit negative responses from netizens. Don’t get overwhelmed with high production, trustworthy information is more than enough.
    • User Friendliness – If you are a consumer and while you are opening a web page, you encountered an auto play pre-roll video ad, what would your reaction be? Most likely, you’ll be shocked or irritated and you will automatically searchfor the Close or Exit button. That’s not what you want if you are an online video advertiser. How about going for video ads that can be embedded in a certain section of the page where consumers could control it? Whether they want to play the sound and watch or just move forward. Instead of scaring them away, have them do what they want with the ads you’ve presented. Just make sure you place it somewhere they could easily spot.
    • Objective – the goal of the video ads must be presented clearly for it to be achieved. To do that, design video ads that initiate responses from consumers.  Arouse their curiosity or encourage them to engage in an interactive discussion through the comment section. Lead generation can be easily extracted from direct responses of consumers from video ads.
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