HTML Website Development Cost Breakdown- India vs. USA- [2022 Updated]

Cost comparison to develop an HTML website- India & USA

HTML is the most widely used programming language around the world for web development. Almost 94% of websites in the world are powered by HTML irrespective of their types. There are multiple benefits of developing an HTML website for your business. But, before you plan to go digital and launch a highly interactive website for your business using HTML, there are several factors that come into your mind; the most dominant one among them is COST.

This post will provide a complete cost breakdown of developing an HTML website with a comparison between India and the USA- two of the most popular destinations from where businesses choose resources for such technical endeavors.


➔ Factors Affecting The Cost Of HTML Website Development
➔ HTML Web Development Cost- India Vs USA
◆ Getting A Domain Name
◆ Finding the Right Hosting Service
◆ Web Design
◆ WordPress Themes & Plugins
◆ SSL Certificate
◆ Content Creation
◆ SEO & Marketing
◆ Per Hour Development Cost to hire HTML Web Developer in India & US
➔ Website Development Cost Summary
➔ Endnote

Factors Affecting the Cost of HTML Website Development

Type of website: The cost to develop an HTML website depends much on the type of website that you want to develop, i.e., a static or a dynamic website. However, most businesses prefer developing dynamic websites because of the various benefits attached to them.

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Domain Name: A domain name is a readable address for any web server on the internet. The cost of a domain name depends much on its availability and extension (.com, .org, .net). The domain name price may also depend on the type of domain registrar that you choose.

Website Hosting: A web hosting service allows businesses and individuals to launch their web page or website on the internet. It’s a one-time investment that you need to make to get the required space on the web server.

Mobile Responsiveness: Developing a mobile-friendly website comes with added advantages that you can leverage in today’s smartphone-dominated era. Responsive web design is a critical factor that adds to the cost of web development.

UI/UX: Both UI and UX are critical elements in web development where the former refers to the overall appearance of your website and the latter represents overall functionality. This aspect plays a vital role in web development costs depending on your unique business requirements.

API Integration: The motive behind API integration is to help applications share data and collaborate with other crucial components. You can choose among custom integrations, connector applications, and different API integration platforms that add to the cost of your website.

CMS: Choosing the right content management system is another critical element in web development costs. You can choose between open-source, proprietary, and SaaS CMS. The cost varies with each type.

HTML Web Development Cost- India Vs USA

Both India and the US are among the top preferred countries to outsource quality-proven web development services. However, offshore web development has its own set of challenges and advantages but it primarily depends on the availability of resources (funds) and the type of expertise that you desire for your web development project.

Getting a Domain Name

This is the primary stage in the journey of web development where you need to approach a trusted and renowned domain registrar to get the desired domain name for your website. You have to pay for an annual subscription to get a domain name. The registrar offers you some integrated services along with a dashboard to manage DNS, Hosting, email accounts, and database.

Getting a domain name in the US can cost you somewhere between USD 12 and 60 per annum. Some popular domain name registrars that you can approach are:

● Namecheap
● Google Domains
● Dream host

The Domain name cost in India may vary between USD 11.40 to 40.50 per annum. However, the cost of choosing customized domain extensions may vary between $200 to $300 per year. While some renowned domain name registrars in India are:
● GoDaddy
● Bluehost,
● HostGator

Finding the Right Hosting Service

There are different kinds of hosting services that you can choose from, like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress cloud hosting. Let’s discuss some more on what you get with all these hosting services.

Shared Hosting:

Under this service, multiple websites share a common server where they get some limited server-side resources. You can choose among different packages depending on your website requirements. The cost of shared hosting in India will range between USD 2.75 to USD 15 per month whereas, in the US, it may cost you somewhere between USD 3 to USD 15 per month.(Source)

Dedicated Hosting:

A dedicated server is allotted to the customer with complete control over the resources to use them as per your unique business requirements. You get all the required services and technical support from the service provider in dedicated hosting. The cost of dedicated hosting in India will range between USD 149 to USD 189 (3-month term) whereas, in the US, it will be somewhere between USD 180 to USD 300 (3-month term. (Source)

Cloud-based Hosting:

Under such hosting, your website and all its applications are deployed on a cloud network instead of hosting on a server. It’s primarily a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers. It will cost USD 3600 to USD 4000 per annum in India and USD 3800 to USD 4600 in the US.

Web Design

You believe what you see. More than 75% of users judge a website’s credibility by its unique design. So, when it comes to designing a website, you need to consider several crucial factors like type of fonts, color scheme, compatibility with the layout, images, videos, texts, and logo. The more particular you will be regarding web design, the more complicated your website development requirements will become, leading to higher costs. It’s all about how creative and distinct you want your website to look.

If we talk about the cost to design a basic website for any small-scale company, it may range between USD 126 to USD 756 in India and USD 200 (upfront) with an ongoing cost of $50 per month.

The cost of web design depends much on the components, features, and attributes that you want in your website. Customization and uniqueness play a crucial role in deciding the actual cost of web design.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

WordPress themes and plugins are the most commonly used components to add features and functionalities to your website. You will be surprised to know that the WordPress Plugin directory features more than 55000 plugins to choose from.

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These themes are used to make large-scale changes in your website’s design, layout, color, navigation, and everything visible. On the other hand, plugins are required for the number of features and functionalities that you want to incorporate into your business website. However, most of the WordPress themes and plugins come free but you can choose among some custom themes and plugins for which you have to pay.

If you choose a typical custom WordPress theme, it may cost you somewhere between USD 1500 to USD 5000 and if you go for themes with additional built-in features, the cost may range between USD 6000 to USD 10000.

SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer that authenticates your website’s identity along with an encrypted connection. Its primary task is to safeguard any data transfer between users and websites and assure cyber security. There are different types of SSL certificates that you can opt for like Single domain SSL certificate, Wildcard SSL certificate, Multi-domain SSL certificate, Domain Validation, and Extended validation. You can either get it from your domain registrar or a Certificate Authority (CA).

The starting price for an SSL certificate can range from USD 78 per annum to USD 204(Source) per year depending on the type of SSL certificate you choose for your website.

Content Creation

No matter how attractive a design your website may have, it becomes vexing for users if the content displayed on your website is not comprehensive and clear. My team surveyed a wide range of online shoppers in the US from different geographical locations and almost 40% of them reported that they stop engaging with a website if the content on it is illegible or confusing.

If you hire a web development agency, it will charge you a flat fee for content creation on your site. In the US, the cost for web page content creation is $1500 to $4500 for 5-10 web pages (including edits) whereas in India, the cost for web page content creation will range between $500 to $1500 for 5-10 web pages.

SEO & Marketing

There are more than 1.17 billion websites in the world, and to survive in such a stiffly competitive environment, you need to have a proper SEO & Marketing strategy. However, the web development company that you will hire will include this aspect in its package which will cost you somewhere around USD 63 to USD 315 in India (source) and USD 100 to 250 per hour in the US. Source

Per Hour Development Cost to hire HTML Web Developer in India & USA

A website is only as good as its source code. And, to create clean, neat, organized, and effective solutions, you need resources who can deliver on your expectations. However, the per hour development cost to hire web developers depends on various factors, like the region where they are positioned, their skills, experience, and expertise.

Considering an average rate, you can hire an HTML web developer in India at $6 to $60 per hour (source) while in the US, it will range between $100 to $180 per hour. (Source) At the same time, if you hire a developer from an IT outsourcing company, that might cost you less, as such organizations usually provide scalable costing structures.

Website Development Cost Summary

Hiring a reputed and trusted Web Development Company is the most hassle-free way to get your business website developed with assured expertise, quality, and on-time delivery. Therefore, summing up all the cost factors, I conclude that you can get a feature-rich website developed within USD 1300 to USD 3200 in India (source) while considering a web development company from US, you need to spend USD 10000 to USD 20000. Source


I hope you must have got a fair idea about different costs in web development along with factors affecting them. I have mentioned these costs considering prevailing rates in both India and the US. Make sure that you approach the right web development company to accomplish your dream task.

Nathan Smith is a senior HTML5 developer at Technoscore. He posts updated information on the latest trends and practices in the industry and pours all his years of experience and expertise to help readers get acquainted with current web development rates and the cost of developing a website.

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