Important Tips for Successful Twitter Marketing

If you want to learn about Twitter marketing – specifically, on how to get Twitter marketing – then you need to pay close attention to the information in this post. This post introduce three tips to successful marketing Twitter, without which all efforts are doomed to failure.

It’s about the numbers
It is often said that marketing is a numbers game, if you have a large enough audience, sooner or later, some messages are going to stay.

Twitter marketing is no different: you will need to get a sufficient number of followers to your Twitter marketing efforts to succeed.

What is a “sufficient” number of followers? The answer depends on your conversion – fan visitors to your website and ultimately, of visitors to buyers.

You’ll have to do some tracking to find out what it is. You can use Google Analytics to establish routes of conversion (the use of Twitter as a source of visitors) and then “reverse engineer” the numbers on the basis of their conversion for Twitter marketing efforts.

Get the right guidance
If you are at random after the Twitter users – and get followed around by chance – then you are wasting time and effort. You will also find that your conversion will be very low, which means you really need to put the emphasis on commercialization of Twitter “numbers game”.

For best results with less effort, then get the right target. This means identifying people who may be interested in the types of products and services offered in terms of their use of keywords (relevant to your business) in their profiles and their tweets. For some of you, but can also mean identifying people based on their location.

This type of approach is fairly easy to do with free tools, like himself Twitter search service – which can be found in – or in places like, which is essentially equivalent to the Twitter Yellow Pages.

If you get your aim right, you will find that the conversions will increase, meaning that any additional marketing effort you put into creating their is a return number even higher.

Make sure your business is a follower Focused
When it comes to market success of Twitter, the activity is important. You can not expect their followers to look for what you offer. But it takes more than “raw” to succeed in marketing activity on Twitter. What needs to be “follower centered” activity.

Follower-centered activity, basically, means listening first, adding the second value, and then connecting what you are listening to what you offer.

This does not mean what most vendors Twitter do is spam his followers with an endless series of promotions. There is safest and fastest being ignored or Unfollow.

You must learn to listen and learn. Then offer something of real value – Information, education, entertainment, etc – it costs nothing of his followers over time to consume.

Once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy member of the Twitter community – that is, as someone who is perceived as competent and benevolent – good periodically intersperse their conversations and Tweets with their bids.

Just make sure when you get a promotion to the Twittersphere, there are some basic guidelines for Twitter marketing, revealing the fact that you are promoting an offer (# # endorse or promote or link # aff) and make sure that offer is relevant to their followers (if you’ve done you’re aiming right, this of course should not be a problem).

Better yet, instead of tweeting a link to a promotion, consider adding your promotions to some useful or entertaining content that has developed and tweet the link with the content (if the promotion is relevant to the content).

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