Increase Page Views and Fans with Facebook Recommendation Bar & Lightbox Pop-up Plugin

There is no doubt about the fact that social networking today has a huge impact on the way the popularity of a site can be improved. Different businesses are trying their hands at Facebook trying to increase web traffic. This is why the Facebook recommendations bar has come into being so popular.

Users of both Blogger and WordPress are finding it a very fun and effective way to engage readers on their sites apart from hauling in more and more traffic. It has a three pronged benefit:

•    Increases traffic of the site owing to the social plug in
•    Increases the revenue generation of the site by increasing page views
•    Increases your Facebook fan following

Steps to add Facebook recommendation bar.

In order to add the Facebook recommendations bar, simply follow the given steps:

First go to create new app button and click it. A page will appear. Type in your app name and app name space. Clicks continue to be redirected on a bigger form. Fill in the necessary details. Save changes. You will get a confirmation. Remember to save the confirmation because you may need details from the same later.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

FB page promoter Lightbox is a WordPress plug-in. It is a very useful plug in and comes absolutely free. What’s more, it is extremely easy to install. This plug-in enables you to convert your one time visitors to regular fans. It displays a little fan box pop up every time a user visits your web page. You simply need to download and install this plug in and add your Fan page ID to start off.

Steps to set up Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

You can find this plugin settings in a separate tab in your dashboard under Arevico Settings > Facebook light box. Just fill in your Facebook fan page numeric ID and save changes. Its done!

To retrieve your numeric ID, simply type the URL:<yourfanpagename> and you will get your ID number on the top left corner of the page.


The world is slowly shrinking to become a global market place. Given this scenario we cannot underestimate the power of a social networking site like Facebook that can bring many people close together within the shortest time span.

This is probably the biggest reason why more and more entrepreneurs from different industries are trying their hand at making Facebook pages, and communities and also mobile applications for the same.

PHP development in India especially takes note and uses the maximum benefits that can be derived from the Facebook recommendation bar and the lightbox plugin. there are of course many other ways of promotion on the internet, but it is wisest to make the most of what is available.

If you find it difficult to do all of it by yourself, you can always seek the help of professionals who have special skills in increasing page traffic and making your site more popular than ever. Do not undermine the power of the internet and you will reap solid benefits!


Kristina is a passionate and avid writer. She loves to cover all technical articles. She is quite happy as PHP development in India is booming now.
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