The 6 Insights of Microsoft Inspire 2018

The biggest tech company, Microsoft which has been spread in more than 132 countries organized it’s annual Inspire event this year. The whole event was not only inspirational but very impactful. Microsoft hosted more than 18,000 attendees from all over the world. The inspire event was hosted in Las Vegas and has been a huge success.

6 Insights of Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas

Digital transformation is creating new opportunities for every organization, either commercial or government. It really doesn’t matter what size of the company you serve, there are countless opportunities for technology, and it can be used to address the world most complex challenges. It focuses on increasing the productivity, better utilization of the available resources and gives a clear insight on what path you are going on and how you can mold the working style in order to increase the business growth.

Dynamics 365 will be the key software in future:

All the features of Dynamics 365 are powerful and this software is making the Microsoft key player of the market. Meanwhile, there is no big announcement for Dynamics 365 at Inspire, but there are many opportunities to see how the company has refined these messaging and focus for the platform and it’s another surrounding application.

The market is also talking about Microsoft’s ISV Embed program. This program allows third parties to build high-quality software on the special on the CRM development company and deliver it affordable price to specific industries.

The improved user interface for customer satisfaction:

It is quite evident that Microsoft is quite important and increasing its main focus on customer success and change management. They are providing the assistance and tools for their teams and partner ecosystem. Some focus will be on the front end and change management. Customer experience for their service is also important for Microsoft in the future project.

Constant improvement in software office 365

Microsoft is sustaining in the market only because of Office 365. The CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Satya Nadella is also paying his attention on how it empowers his workday. Most of the general user of Microsoft product are familiar with Office 365. One of the interesting parts is that how Dynamics will continue to work with Office 365 in long-term. The companies which are using both the software can enhance their business operations with efficient use of data. Data integration is the area on which Microsoft is paying attention to for future developments. The constant updates in this segment is directly creating an impact for the end users and making their work life more productive as well as simple.

Intelligent cloud and Intelligent Edge

The digital and real world is connected by the intelligent cloud. It will allow you to deliver seamless experiences and compute capabilities whether your data exists in the cloud or offline. Probably, the power of cloud computing is going to change, the whole definition of data storage in the future. Cloud services are becoming more effective and safe and it will help to transform the businesses of the small organization. These services will empower the people in which they can get a common platform to share their community idea in large scale. Eventually, it will change the definition of business in the coming years.

Business Applications:

Dynamics 365 (combination of a cloud CRM and ERP system) has seen an amazing 65% growth during the first three quarters of company fiscal year. This tool has changed the culture inside the company, the way it helps bring the focus to leading indicator rather than lagging indicators. More and more things are getting digitized because we have seen the power of IoT and other tools that are going to be used, every workflow is going to be automated. According to Nadella, ” that means we need to have a complete set of tools that allows us to reduce the total cost of these customizations and automation”. The digital era will grow more in the coming decade and thus can be harnessed in the most effective and optimized manner.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Everyone is familiar with the fact that Microsoft has a positive take about artificial intelligence. According to Microsoft, every industry will be related somehow with artificial intelligence in future including retail, healthcare and big scale manufacturing can companies. Automation of the technology should be our future goal, whether you are integrating AI other automation into different product and services. Microsoft wants to make sure, that customers can take their data in a secure, private system and convert that into AI technology. Artificial intelligence is going to play a very important role in the future. Still, most of the world leaders are not sure what will be the cost impact of AI on humans. But Microsoft is quite optimistic about AI and hoping to use this powerful technology to empower the people.

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