Is Instagram A Communication Medium For Your Office To Consider ?

instagramSince 2008, we have seen an exponential growth in social media platforms. So much effort today is being redirected into mediums that only years ago, were never even considered.  Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram are mobile and online applications that you are probably using already. Social media has provided advertisers and marketers with problems but also new opportunities. No longer are there set media platforms like television and radio that businesses can exploit for increased exposure.  That being said, these new mediums present separate challenges on their own.  Specifically, how does a business create content that people will want to follow? Let’s look at Instagram, a picture and video sharing application, and see if it is worth pursuing for your business.

What is Instagram

First, let’s establish what Instagram does. The application, which is only available on mobile devices, was designed to share pictures.  It offers a variety of artistic filters and options to make the picture look professional. Followers can scroll through and look at these pictures, liking them by double clicking them. They can also leave comments below the picture and interact with the user or other users by tagging them in photos. Recently, they have added a feature that allows users to share and edit videos of up to fifteen seconds. Instagram was so successful that after a year, it was purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. By comparison, the New York Times, the oldest and most famous newspaper in the United States, is only worth around 800 million. It’s not a stretch to say that Instagram took the social media world by storm.

How Your Business Can Use Instagram

The sharing feature on Instagram allows the user to link in other mediums to the application. For example, if you had a picture or video that you wanted to promote, you could link it through your Facebook and Twitter feed. This way you can garner more traffic for your profile. One important thing about Instagram that is different from Facebook and Twitter is that it is not something that people constantly update. Someone who posts more than one picture a week is usually considered a heavy user. Don’t plan on using Instagram as your primary social media outlet

Is it Worth it?

If you are not sure what kind of content to post on this medium and are debating whether or not it is worth it, remember that it is free. SInce the investment is minimal, social media programs are absolutely worth investing time and resources. The floor is low but the ceiling is very high for these mediums. Consider spam email as a similar example. Everyone hates receiving it, but it doesn’t cost much so any direct response makes it profitable.

An important reminder about instagram is that it is really a secondary tool and will not likely enhance new business, but that it doesn’t necessarily rule it out. Instagram is more of a benefit for current business and away for others to enjoy your product.


Dr. Shahram Arzegar is the head dentist at Lifetime Smiles Dentistry in Austin, Texas.
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