6 Untold Instagram Key Hacks for Customizing Your Amazing Instagram Post

There is a traditional and long-held belief that “pictures speak louder than a thousand words” and this exemplifies the soar-away reputation that Instagram enjoys across the social media sphere and beyond. As an individual or a business, there might be many reasons to customize your Instagram posts but with a handful of key Instagram hacks at your fingertips, you can give your business a quantum leap.

Here is an outline you will love:

1. Consider Line Breaks in Your Posts

line breaks in instagram post

When it comes to optimizing your Instagram posts, you must pay attention to the fact that there are lots of Instagram accounts that are jostling for users’ attention. Customizing your posts such that you can have line breaks on your captions and Bio is a crucial hack you can’t overlook.

Utilizing this hack will enable users have clear and alluring texts to behold. This becomes an incentive that the reader will likely swallow hook, line and sinker .This justifies the need to pay more attention to your posts.

A block of texts has its own disincentive that could make the average Instagram user overlook your posts.

2. Consider Optimized Images and Videos

Instagram is an emporium for images so there is almost an endless stream of this by the minute. If you desire to standout and make your posts a cynosure of attraction, then you need to consider making use of only optimized images for every post you are showing off on your Instagram page. Remember that you can always take advantage of great deals on buying instagram views to get even more attention.

optimized image Instagram

If you are considering tweaking your photos to give it a sharp outlook and resolution, you might want to use Instagram image editor but to have better results; you need to consider other apps. The Camera Noir and Black Apps are excellent for good old, black and white photos if that’s what you want to post. For colored images, you can look at Perfect365 and Facetune when working on selfies.

On the video end, you can look at Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile to enable you slow down and speed up your videos as you might desire. To create GIFs, you can look at Gifboom, Loopcam and Cinemagram and they are available on Android and Apple app stores.

3. Develop a Clincher as CTA

If you use Instagram for business and not just for leisure, then no matter how well optimized your images appear on your Instagram pages, the absence of a poorly optimized call to action (CTA) ruins your efforts. It is almost akin to having an appetizer that turns out better than your main meal.

Your images are the main attraction that will bring the teeming users on Instagram to your posts but as a business looking for new leads and avenues to convert leads to sales, you need to optimize you call to action . This will mean including clear-cut actionable words that lays out what you expect of your Instagram follower.

Your CTA should goad an Instagram user to go over to your product page in one click and this presupposes that a link to the desired destination should be lurking around the corner or on your bio for easy access.

4. Always Consider Trending Topics

Your Instagram posts are like drops in an ocean when you consider that there are 500 million users who could be doing something akin to what you envisage at any given time. To therefore stand out, you need to latch in on trending topics whenever it is feasible to do so.

trending topics Instagram

When such noteworthy events like Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Thanksgiving Day comes up; you need to find a way to incorporate effective hashtags into your posts to make them amazing and easy to find by the search engines. On this score, it is smartness that is the key hack and the earlier you look in this direction, the better it will be for your business.

To utilize this hack, use hashtags to highlight what you have in mind and add it as the text appendage to your image posts. If you have put up some excellent product or service images that capture the core of what you are into, add the hashtag to complete the fray. Use words like #mothersday #fathersday, etc

5. Consider the Unique Edge

In this social media age, deploying the power of ‘cool’ can give you a huge mileage that doesn’t come across as ordinary. A celebrity endorsement of your product which you can repost on your Instagram account is undoubtedly a huge bargain that you should consider.

Whether you are offering beauty products, fitness services or fashion apparels, there are a number of influencers that easily can come up for mention and consideration. To go about this is not so laborious; you can get the attention of an influencer by liking his posts regularly and commenting or sharing them.
Having identified the unique edge you want to explore, contact the celebrity so that your product or service can be endorsed on their Instagram page along with a CTA to her followers to either like, share or follow your account. It can also be to click on a link to your product page to see what you have to offer.

6. Consider Featuring Your Customers

If you provide a service or a unique product that offers something that people want out there, then you might consider using customer features on your Instagram posts. The power of Instagram marketing is such that it can boost your brand with endorsement by real or everyday people.

customer features Instagram post

One thing that customer features can give your brand is to generate a buzz around your business. Imagine that established brands like Virgin America, Paris Opera Ballet, Sony and Coca-Cola among others have customer features on a regular basis to leverage on this hack.

You too can introduce contests that require people posting photographs that display utilization of your branded product or service. A vote count among your Instagram fans can be deployed as a means of picking the most loved images and this can boost your brand beyond what words can describe!

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