9 Effective Instagram Marketing Secrets for Your Business


According to statistics, 63% of teens use Instagram on a daily basis. Hence, you can easily guess who the Instagram masters are. As a marketer, you must learn about the tricks you need to use to make your Instagram marketing campaign work. And knowing the secrets that the regular users don’t can definitely help you to strategize better.

Of the 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, 34% are millennials. Thus, if you don’t align your campaign with this demographic as your target audience, it is going to be a total failure. Instagram introduces new features every now and then. You have to make the right use of the same to attract the maximum number of users.

Here are some Instagram secrets you can use for promoting your brand:

1. Using effective hashtag

Twitter has shown us how hashtags can be used in a brand new manner, but Instagram is where we see the maximum use of hashtags. On Instagram, a lot depends on the correct use of the hashtags. While using the right hashtags can bring many users to your profile, the wrong hashtags can give out the impression that you are using it without having much knowledge about it. You can use different strategies for using the hashtags and see which one works for you. If you use related and local hashtags, it can bring you a better result, ensuring that your post will always reach the right people.

2. Instagram influencer marketing

This method of marketing can be effective for every business, be it a cosmetic brand or a homework help service. This marketing method uses influential people to promote your product/service on Instagram. Consumers get highly influenced by these personalities who have a significant impact on their purchase decision. An article by Variety shows that teens get more influenced by YouTube stars than the regular celebrities. It is also seen that these individuals can engage the audience in a better way than the usual stars. Thus, using them for promoting any product or service can be very beneficial for any brand.

3. Use emotional content

Many mainstream brands are using this to create their marketing campaign. Breaking traditional stereotypes, recent accidents or incidents, etc. that touch the emotions of the users are widely used on Instagram. If you create a campaign that gives the audience a sense of belonging, they are more likely to engage with that post. Apart from enhancing engagement, real emotions also help in portraying to the audience that your company is an authentic one. You can check the reaction of the audience on honest content and posts that have a touch of personality to it.

4. Making seamless feeds

instagram feed template

Source- http://andrewmacarthy.com/andrew-macarthy-social-media/seamless-instagram-feed-template-photoshop

You might have seen many famous brands on the pages of Instagram. It is a gallery filled with separate photos that are edited in a way to make one big picture. As Instagram is mostly for visual products, the more beautiful you will make your profile, the more users you will attract. The key to creating this type of post is by investing in editing, which can be done by using the Photoshop app. If your business does not require you to create content constantly, this strategy can prove to be a good one for you.

5. Hold contests

It is a great way to drive in traffic not only for the other social media sites, but also for Instagram. If you are a product-based company, you can hold giveaways, which can generate a lot of buzz among the users. You can create different types of contests based on your niche. You can ask the users to like the post, follow your account, and tag their friends to the post to participate in the contest. This will help in increasing your followers’ base and your brand will also reach out to a lot of new users.

6. Interact

A good customer experience can go a long way. By replying to the users’ comments on your post and interacting with them, you can build a lot of trust and respect among your customers. There is another way to get likes and followers that most of the teenagers use. ‘Like for like’, ‘follow back’, ‘comment back’ are some of the comments that you can use on the posts of some celebrity if you are just starting your marketing campaign on Instagram. Thus, if your posts get more comments and likes, it is more likely to reach out to the right audience.

7. Live Broadcast

Another feature of Instagram that is doing wonders for customer engagement is Instagram Live. You can see that many big brands often create live videos. Try to give some valuable information to your audience through the live video. Users like this feature because they can interact with you at the same time as the video is going live. You can have an interview with some important person in your industry. If you deal with a product, you can show how to use it in the best way, or use the Live option to make a new product launch, or to hold a Q&A session with the users. You must ensure that the content is interesting, which will ensure that the audience keeps watching it till the end. Before going live, you can make a post or announcement of going live on the Instagram story. This way, users will know exactly when you are coming live and watch it upon being released.

8. Monetization tool

Today is all about giving your followers the convenience or ease to find your product with a few clicks. Instagram is a great platform to give that comfort to your customers. Just by clicking on the product image, users can see the details of the product or can directly go to the e-commerce site, from where they can purchase it. Monetization mediums like Have2Have or Like2Buy can help you to add these features to your post. Also, you should keep the link to your shopping site in your bio. Thus, you can use Call to Action to your posts saying, “to buy this product, click on the link in the bio”. Thus, the visitors on your page will not have to give much effort into finding your product or service and can make an easy purchase. In this way, you can increase your sales and earn customers very easily.

9. Instagram stories

Another way to up your game for promoting your brand is with the correct use of the Instagram story. This successful feature of Instagram lets your brand to be in the minds of consumers if you use it regularly. Instagram stories appear at the very top of the app, and it is what the users see first. If you regularly maintain your story, you may get the chance to rank first on the feeds of your followers. Thus, you must keep on posting interesting content on your Instagram story.

Social media has evolved to be a great medium for marketing, and Instagram has emerged as one of the most successful platforms for promoting and selling products and services. If used properly, the secrets revealed above can bring multiple benefits to your company.

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