Instagram Tips To Getting More Followers

instagramAre you looking to get more followers to your Instagram account? You’re certainly not alone as it seems like a large majority of the people who use this site/tool want to be able to boast large follower numbers. The problem is that it is not as easy as it might seem.

So what is it that makes an Instagram user one that everyone wants to follow? Well, it’s very good question and there are several different things that launch some accounts to the top of others. For one, it never hurts to be a young, attractive female. Honestly, people like to look at pretty things so those accounts get a lot of follows.

Posting on Instagram

Speaking of pretty things, people also like babies. They are cute and cuddly and accounts with babies often get followed. But after that… if you’re not posting something interesting on a regular basis, not even cute babies or sexy women can save you.

However, there are a few things that can help you get more followers and more engagement from your Instagram account. Here are some tips on that:

  1. Post quality images – Don’t just spam your Instagram feed with tons of images but instead, try to focus on posting quality images. And when you do have several to post, it’s usually better to spread them out rather than post all at one time which spams the feed for your followers.
  2. Use hashtags – Just like on Twitter, hashtags allow you to find posts from people other than those you are following. It can be a great way to get your images found in search and then to gain more followers.
  3. Comment on other pictures – When you take the time to comment on the pics that other people post, you will stand out in their feeds and they are more likely to click back to your account, too. If they like your bio or what you share, they might just follow you.
  4. Share your Instagram name/feed – You don’t have to limit yourself to just Instagram when it comes to sharing who you are. You can use that feed in your email signature, on your website and in other places where you want people to know you are on Instagram. It can be a great way to get more followers.

So there you have it! Some quick and easy tips to getting more followers on Instagram. Remember that the numbers don’t really mean anything if you’re not getting engagement so take that time to comment and reply to others when you can. They will take notice and return the favor if they’re interested in what you’re posting, too.

And remember the most important part- have fun!


Anne Clark is a huge fan of Instagram, and loves to share pictures of the places she travels, her flower gardens and even the food she eats!
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