5 Awesome But Often Forgotten IPhone Security Tips

If you own an iPhone you might think you’re king of the world because it’s the greatest mobile phone you’ve ever owned. You just need to be careful because with great power comes great responsibility. There are a lot of things you need to be careful of and if something should go wrong you could end up in trouble. You probably know all the common safety tips like updating your software and enabling auto-lock, so let’s look at a few you’ve probably not thought of yet. At the end of the day it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t jailbreak your iPhone

I know it might seem tempting to jailbreak your phone, but you must try to resist the temptation if you want to stay as safe as possible. When you go against Apple you can open yourself up to a world of hurt. Do you know anything about coding? Evil developers can program a backdoor into illegal software and when it ends up on your phone you’re essentially allowing the person who put it there full access to everything.

The dangers of Wi-Fi

There could come a time when you decide to use a Wi-Fi connection because you have no other way to connect to the internet, but if your connection isn’t secure you are vulnerable to hackers who want to steal your data. I’m not saying you should avoid Wi-Fi at all costs, but if you need to use it you shouldn’t play around with sensitive data. This means you shouldn’t connect to internet banking or anywhere else your finances are involved.

Save your data often

I know it’s easy to forget about backing up your data because why should you when everything is going okay? It’s only when something happens to your phone that you realize you’ve lost everything important to you. You wouldn’t be the first person to leave their phone in the back of a taxi by accident. Save the contents of your phone to your main computer regularly and make sure you encrypt your backup files.

Double check app permissions

When was the last time you looked carefully at the permission request before installing an app? You’re probably always too excited because you want to play around with your new download, but you should always be extra-vigilant in-case they’re asking for more than you want to give them. A simple measurement app shouldn’t need access to your internet or contact list, but when you accept an app without checking you don’t know what you’re giving them.

Switch off geo-location

Do you really need people to know where you are at all times? If you were hiking in the woods it might come in useful if you were involved in an accident, but if you don’t plan on needing the emergency services it should be switched off. If someone wants to do you harm they will know exactly where you are. Big Brother is already watching everything you do, so you don’t need to have even more people keeping tabs on you.

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