Finding The Truth: Is Apple Making More from Us Now Than Before ? [Infographic]

There are many influences on the price of an iPhone. That comes with the territory of being the most popular phone on the market, or at least the most recognizable. You will find that the iPhone’s sales are mainly comprised of two groups of buyers, and they have very different motivations for purchasing the phone.

The first group of iPhone buyers are those who appreciate the sleek, intuitive nature of the iOS and would not care to learn the more utilitarian UI of an Android. There is absolutely nothing wrong in desiring simplicity in your phone, and it is ideal if you use your computer for most of your complicated tasks.

Breaking down The Numbers

Over the course of today’s article, with the help of Meilleur Hebergement Web, we are going to be going over an infographic that demonstrates just how much money Apple has made off of each iPhone.

Is Apple Getting Greedy

Meilleur Hebergeur Web has essentially compiled the components costs and compared them to the retail prices of each iPhone model.

Thanks to this infographic from, we can more easily explain the progression of Apple’s profits off of iPhone models. Visuals always help with understanding shifts in market dynamics and the prices of commodities such as phone models, so stay tuned and pay close attention!

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