5 Landing Page Mistakes That Crush Conversion Rates

Every website uses landing pages to send traffic to for a conversion whether it be an opt-in page for an email, a sales page, a content landing page, or a video landing page.  As you may have guessed, there are a lot of ways to mess this up.  In order to avoid the most common mistakes that websites make with landing pages, check out the breakdown of the vital aspects that make them work.

Overusing Your Site Design

For those who use a content management system, each of the website pages include information about the website including headers and links that can are attributed to the design themes.  These themes are used in order to improve the visual representation of every website, but can be confusing on a landing page that is hoping to accomplish a goal.  For a simple blog post, there is no need to tailor your design to meet the page, but for a page that you hope to be high traffic, you want the attention focused on one specific thing.  All the extra stuff can create confusion and distraction for your viewers.  When you want some action on a landing page, you must first simplify the page and get rid of any unnecessary clutter.

An Ineffective Headline

The quality of your headline can make or break your landing pages.  Because users are overloaded with information constantly, and are constantly made promises that are not met, most consumers have developed an attention filter that only allows your landing page about two seconds before they are ready to move on.  The headline is your chance to hold and keep their attention in order to get them to perform the desired action.  It is important to remember that simple small changes can yield enormous impact and increase your landing page’s effectiveness. In order to avoid using destructive headlines, test your ideas with split testing.  This small test can escalate your conversion rate higher than making other adjustments throughout your page.

Too Many Choices

Research suggests that when too many options are given to customers, they will simply choose to not make a choice at all.  On landing pages that you are hoping will be high traffic, keep the choice simple, and only ask for one thing on your pages.  Landing pages that are the most effective will only ask for one specific thing.  If you don’t utilize this idea, your conversion rates will quickly tank, and sales will decrease.  Keep your landing pages simple and concise, and make it clear what you want your viewers to do.

Ignoring Appearance

Asking for an action on a landing page does not mean that you should simply ignore the appearance of the page, or pay little attention to how the page looks.  Silly clip art, bad fonts, and cheap highlighting will not help to increase your conversion rates, and may instead lower your website’s credibility.  Although you want to avoid using the same theme on your landing pages as you do for the rest of your blog or site, that doesn’t mean that you should make a landing page that is unattractive or too garish.  The best landing pages understand how to use colors, fonts, and visuals that can be tailored to the specific audience and the action you desire them to perform.  This enhances the experience for the user and boosts your conversion rates, creating a positive scenario for all involved.

Simple Laziness

Avoid laziness when you are looking to grab the attention of your viewers.  Research suggests that 80% of users won’t scroll down your page, and you can’t afford to lose their attention quickly.  Don’t assume that your viewers understand what you are trying to offer the same way you do.  Don’t assume that you are credible to your viewers, and always think about your landing page from their perspective.

Increase Conversions And Sales

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you to create a landing page that draws in your viewers and keeps them there until they perform your desired action.  An effective landing page is key to the success of any product or project, and an effective Webmaster understands the necessity of staying up to date on current trends and designing landing pages around what the target audience wants.


Dorian Travers is the Internal Marketing Strategist at digital marketing firm Wpromote, and has always had a particular interest in content marketing and creating brand development strategies.
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