Leveraging Tumblr To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

As it relates to improving your reach on the World Wide Web, content is incredibly important. A great way to generate content is by blogging, not just on your own domain but also on guest blogs and social blogging platforms.

TumblrOne of the biggest blog platforms in the world right now is Tumblr, playing host to over 132 million blogs and generating over 5.5 billion monthly page views. Taking into consideration the reality that people post as many as 10 blogs per day, it’s mind blowing the number of individual posts the platform receives on a monthly basis.

Social media marketing refers to the utilization of social platforms to increase brand awareness and market reach. Tumblr can be a great social media marketing tool for your business.

Here are some key strategies that you can consider to improve your social media marketing through Tumblr.

Brand yourself

To a great extent you have the freedom to design your Tumblr page in whatever way you want. Choose themes, colors, pictures and even a font that will attract an audience and not only keep them coming for more but constantly entice new visitors as well. There are some great free and paid themes that can be customized to give your Tumblr page a unique look. Try to give some life to your page, allowing the look of your Tumblr page to sort of speak for itself. Social media is all about being fun, being fresh, and being hip, so why should social media marketing be any different?

Build a network

Marketing is all about the promotion of a product or service. What better way is there to “spread the good news” than to have a group of people doing it with you. While it is not the same as adding a friend, by following other bloggers who share similar interests you can extend the reach of your Tumblr blog. Use the reblogging feature to share their content and they might do the same for you. No man is an island, so no blog should be an island either.

Utilize the tags wisely

No, not keywords. TAGS! They do work in a similar manner though, as this is what allows your content to be placed into certain categories, making it easier for people to find content that interests them. If more visitors find your content and like it, your number of followers will go up. Some of the more reputable sources suggest that anywhere below 12 tags is sufficient. Don’t just apply any tag to your posts, but make sure that each tag is relevant to your content.

Utilize Images

Tumblr is a very picture dominated blogging network. Use image posts with attractive photos to attract visitors that prefer images over text. Don’t just post dull photos of your products, but try to make your photos look fun and innovative.

Before diving into Tumblr, do some market research to find out if your target audience is active on Tumblr. Most Tumblr users are under 25 years old, so if you are targeting a young audience, the social blogging network could prove to be an important marketing tool for your business.

Zane Schwarzlose is the SEO Director at Fahrenheit Marketing, LLC, an Austin based web design company. Zane jumped on the tumblr bandwagon way too late.
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