Micro Niche Sites Vs Authority Sites – Pros & Cons For Each

Micro Niche Sites Vs Authority SitesIf you are a blogger or an Internet marketer then you are always in a dilemma whether you build micro niche sites or an authority site.

When I started blogging, it was really hard to figure out which one of them is going to be successful.

Both micro sites and authority sites have their advantages and disadvantages.

In blogging, you need to reach out to your right audience. Hence, how are you going to do it, through a micro niche site or building an authority site. You need to make a right decision before you start blogging.

You cannot run a blog without knowing whether it is targeted for micro niche site or it is an authority site.

Well! First let us know what is a Micro Niche Site?

The first thing you need to know about micro niche site is that they create for the sole purpose of making money. Micro niche site or MNS are very tactical in nature and designed for only single purpose.

In simple words, if you are creating MNS for a niche called pop music then it will be targeted for only pop music. In other words, the site would not be for other types of music like Jazz, blues or classical.

MNS are very easy to create as you choose few keywords with 3000 to 5000 monthly searches. Then you buy a domain, most probably an exact match domain, and start putting some content on it.

For creating content you could outsource to somebody. Next is building inbound links and getting the site to rank on Google Search engine.

If your one MNS is successful then you would try to replicate this formula by creating many other website on different niches, may be a dozen or more.

That’s it.

However, MNS is just for a short term. Google is getting very strict for such websites. You don’t know when your site is going to be blacklisted by Google’s next algo update.

Google hates MNS because they are created for the sole purpose of making money. Its Penguin affect or Panda affect would bring down your site anytime.

Therefore, you need to keep in mind and move to creating next MNS.

Now What is an Authority Site?

An authority site is exactly opposite of a niche site. Instead of being specific authority sites are too general. They cover a broad topic and have a lot of content in it.

Creating an authority site could be a great challenge because you are targeting keywords that are too generic. There is a lot of competition for ranking in a search engine because big players or website have been dominating.

Authority site is long term strategy and Google loves these sites.

If you want to succeed in creating an authority site then you have to invest in creating unique and quality content daily. You need to update it on regular basis.

Normally, it is very difficult to create and manage an authority site by a single person. You would require a team of writers, SEO experts and other staff to make it happen.

Authority site can generate a lot of money compared to a micro niche site. However, you have to work hard on building a brand for your authority site.

Advantages of Micro Niche Sites

  1. If you are searching for online jobs to make some extra income then Micro Niche sites are the best way to. If you are a new blogger with little or no resources then you can start a micro niche site. It is very inexpensive to get started.
  2. If you find a successful formula (it means if you one website is successful), then you can replicate it for so many other websites without an extra effort. You can re-model it many times.
  3. For creating content you can outsource to freelance writers online. You don’t have to worry about creating content.
  4. You can start making money in just few weeks. You do not have to wait for long time because MNS is created for only specific topic.
  5. Finally, if you find your MNS is not generating enough revenue then you could easily sell it to Flippa and make extra income.

Disadvantages of Micro Niche Sites

  1. First disadvantage is, it is for short term and you cannot depend on it for a long time as it is very uncertain.
  2. Second is, Google hats MNS because they are created for making money.
  3. Thirdly, It depends greatly on Google or a search engine. If Google does something then it is direct affect will be on your site.

Except these three I don’t find any problem with an MNS. If you are new blogger then it is better to go for it.

Advantages of Authority Site

  1. Authority Sites are brand in itself therefore they do not have to depend upon organic search engines like Google because they build a direct relationship with their readers.
  2. Google loves to rank an authority sites over any other sites because of its great content.
  3. Traffic you get is immense hence you can generate a lot of money through different streams like affiliate marketing, AdSense, private ads etc.
  4. You have to put an effort only initially, later you just have to sit back and count money.

Disadvantages of Authority Site

  1. Authority sites need a lot of resources for creating content and SEO. Beginners cannot think of creating an authority site.
  2. If you are running an authority site then you have to spend a lot of money for maintaining and running the site.
  3. If you are planning to start an authority site then they have more chances of failing compared to MNS.
  4. If you are running an authority site & if Google penalize your site, your earnings can have a big impact.

In the end, you have to decide which one you want to choose.

If you are a beginner then never think of creating an authority site because you could never compete with big players. Even after years you could never rank on search engine for certain keywords.

However, if you have an experience and ready to invest some money then you could create an authority site. You need to have patience because you have to build a brand and then traffic would come to your site.

Therefore, it is up to you.


Ron is a blogger & internet marketer who is working as an SEO professional in one of the reputed company.
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