The New AdWords Report Fuses SEO and PPC

Google AdwordsThe amazing new report of AdWords allows online marketers to optimize and analyze organic as well as paid search traffic in AdWords itself. This is extracted through Webmaster tools and populated in your AdWords account so that you do not have to view the performance of your organic, natural and paid search on Google Analytics. SEO and PPC can, thus, work together in Google AdWords pay per click to enhance the overall performance of your online marketing campaign.

Previously, most reports regarding organic and paid search used to be viewed individually, without having any insight into the behavior of the user when they overlapped. But with the new report, you can view and compare the performance for a query when there is an organic listing or an ad, or both appearing on the SERP.

Google offers you a few suggestions for using the new report:

  • Discover additional keywords: You may use the report to find out potential keywords that can be added to your AdWords account. This can be done by looking for search strings where you only appear in natural search with no advertisements at all.
  • Optimize presence on high value queries: You may use it to enhance your presence in paid results as well for monitoring your quality queries for organic results.
  • Evaluate changes holistically: As you evaluate the improvement in your website or the changes in AdWords to budgets, bids or keywords, you can easily report the effect across organic, paid and combined traffic.

For using this, you need to link your AdWords account with Webmaster Tools.

How can you link your AdWords to Webmaster Tools?

Here’s how:

My Account -> Linked Accounts –> Webmaster Tools –> Details –> Enter your domain –> Click ‘Continue’ – Verify.

If your account links successfully, you will see ‘Congratulations’ on the screen. You need to click ‘Done’.

Once your account gets linked properly, here’s how you can locate the report:

Go to Dimensions tab – Paid & Organic – Customize columns by adding Ad Group or Campaign, keywords.

How can you benefit from it?

  • You can find more keywords with good organic results that is supported by paid advertisements.
  • You get to improve your high value keyword phrases in paid or natural search.
  • You can adjust AdWords changes or website improvements by looking at natural, paid as well as combined traffic in one interface.

Google cited the example of digital marketing agency Impact, which stated that it found an increase of about 18% in CTR or click through responses ever since organic and paid searches started working together.

In order to obtain the report, you are required to sync Webmaster Tools and AdWords accounts.

Fusing organic and paid

You may be wondering the effect it may have on a business that uses SEO and Google AdWords pay per click individually. Well, Google watchers are speculating that the report could increase sales of PPC ads, resulting in less expenditure on search engine optimization.

Why will you love it?

Co-exposure monitoring

You may have earlier wondered what is the appropriate mix and position of keywords in the resulting page. But now, with this new integration, you can carry out tests and get insights into how coverage and rank impacts market share, conversions and CTR.

Keyword identification

Till now, you may have wondered what are the keywords you are getting maximum traffic from and via which sources. Well, now, you can easily and quickly understand situations where paid traffic is driving maximum traffic and where organic search is absent.

With the new integration, you can understand keyword trends on the basis of search volumes you may not be aware of.

To wrap up

With the new report, you can quickly see the overlap of organic and paid clicks. Access to data can help you make better inclusive decisions. This way, it can be seen as a great way to improve search marketing as a new discipline; what is more, it also encourages you to reach out to the organic search users in a more effective manner.

Business owners need to remember that the moment they take off the hat of a search marketer, they actually become customers who, in general, do not know the difference between organic and paid search results. All they want is to search effectively i.e. find what they are looking for.

The main target of search marketers is, thus, to give what customers are looking for. So, you see, the new report that integrates organic search and Google AdWords pay per click is helping a lot in achieving their end.

Sarmista Aun is the author of this post. She provides guidance to manage your advertising campaign successfully through her writings.
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