Online Marketing Options for Today’s Small Businesses

Succeeding in the business world is much different than it used to be.  20 years ago, businesses went door to door to advertise their services and attract customers. Today, with the popularity and accessibility of the Internet, marketing tactics have changed.  Most companies focus the majority of their marketing and advertising budget online. Why? It provides them with the best return on their investment. Online marketing works, and there are several different ways that you can successfully market your small business online.  Try one of the following options.


First, email marketing is particularly popular for today’s businesses. Companies of all sizes can use this tool to reach current customers and attract new ones. They can use emails to do the following:

  • Advertise the release of a new product
  • Share coupons or special promotions
  • Provide general information about their products or services
  • Ask for feedback

Many companies can also track how effective their emails were. For example, they can determine how many people viewed the email. They can also determine if the email increased traffic to their website and stimulated sales.

Social Media

social mediaIn addition to email, social media is an effective form of online marketing. It can help small businesses create awareness about their product or service. In addition, it serves as a forum for larger businesses. Customers can interact with the company, ask questions, and learn about new products on these social media websites. These efforts personalize the business and make it more relatable to the average customer. Thus, there is usually a positive result on the sales figures.


Furthermore, online videos are also very helpful to current and prospective customers. They are a new form of commercials.  In fact, a large corporation who produces commercials for television usually puts the commercials on their website and YouTube so that people can watch them from the computer and phone. Smaller companies can also make online videos to help their consumers. These videos do not necessarily have to directly entice a customer to purchase a product. Instead, they can be educational and fun.


Many companies choose to advertise using pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. These ads can be less expensive for a business.  The company is only obligated to pay for each time the link is clicked on by an Internet browser. However, there are occasions where the percentage of clicks to customers is very low. When this happens, these ads are not the best idea. However, if the percentage is higher, then it is a good idea to use this form of marketing to get new customers.


Another simple way to market online is with blogs. These online journals are a great way to provide current content that is relevant to your customers. Through your efforts, you can connect with the customers you have and attract new ones.  Even better, there are many things you could include on your blog, including:

  • Product reviews
  • How-tos
  • Giveaways
  • Guest blogs
  • FAQs

When you are writing these blogs, make sure to include unique content. Also, try to research keywords that will be relevant to your particular blog. This will enable you to build the best following and help you to increase the number of page views on your blog.


Finally, all of this effort is pointless if you do not take the time to analyze the results of your work. Fortunately, there are helpful tools available to help your understand how you are performing with your online marketing efforts. Make sure so to use these and implement any changes that could help you to perform better.

If you can create a successful online marketing campaign, you will not need to waste your marketing budget on expensive advertising campaigns that do not work. Try these options today for the success you are looking for.

Article written by Nathan Roberson of The Marketing Robot, Follow Nathan and his co-horts on Twitter @robthemarketer.
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