Photo Booths – An Extension of Our Alluring Internet Lives

interactive photo booth

Photo booths for events are creative, easy-to-use and fun, it is a perfect go-to social media marketing strategy for brands as well as those hosting lavish parties. This interactive technology solution converts the attendees to brand influencers by flooding it with GIFs, photos and motion capture. People today are obsessed with photos, no wonder photo booths have become one of the most popular interactive entertainment today. Various features available are augmented reality (AR) technology, virtual reality (VR), magic mirror, AR selfie booth and etc.

The ability to share the pictures has revitalized the photo booth business, people these days are so excited about getting their pictures clicked that they willingly hand over the information without thinking twice. There are usually two types of customers, one is for personal parties like anniversaries, weddings and birthdays, etc where everybody is dressed best and wants a jaw-dropping picture to hang up. The other one is corporate events for whom the growth potential is essential. The photo booth operators work tirelessly in crafting the spaces in such a way that it goes viral. They use kitschy décor, props, and intricate backdrops to make it more inviting.

The booming Instagram culture has led to elaborate demand for selfies. It has encouraged people to fill their wall with unique photos that present them as interesting and beautiful selves. Photo booths are kind of experiential marketing solutions where advertising is essentially free through social media. The main purpose of photo booth is to capture moments that bring people together which is savoured later on, but these days they are more of social media machines and data aggregators.

Cool and High Tech Photo Booths to Make Your Event a Hit:

Instagram Hashtag Printer –

Instagram hashtag printer

Instagram hashtag photo printer booth is absolutely perfect for corporate events and weddings where the social media pictures can be printed instantly to trend the hashtag campaign. Guests just need to click pictures with their phone, yielding authentic user-generated content. As they post on their Instagram profile with the picture having the event’s unique hashtag, the guests get to keep their branded keepsake from the event. Instagram hashtag printer has a great influence and can make campaigns viral and a household name.

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Social 360 Photo Booth –

Social 360 photo booth

360 photo booth is a creative and quirky format that lets your guests experience a kind of high-end paparazzi photo shoot. Also known as the social 360 photo booth, this interactive format enables the guests to pose creatively and get clicked from every angle as the cameras are placed strategically all around the location. Guests can share it on social media along with the event’s unique hashtag, which is sure to give the event high online traction. The guests can even choose to get their videos made up with 360 photo booth’s bundled option of live GIFs, slo-mo and in-the-moment videos.

AR Selfie Photo Booth –

AR Selfie Photo Booth

AR Selfie Photo Booth adds wow factor to the event be it weddings, birthday bashes or corporate events by putting them in front of any scenery they wish. The modern-day green screen photo booth lets the guests pose in front of a green screen augmented reality photo booth and allows them to take home their digital picture through SMS or email. The guests need to select a background and snap a photo; the link is instantly sent through SMS or email and can also be printed instantly. Now install these augmented reality photo booth available for sale and transport them anywhere with photos, GIFs, overlay and multiple branding options.

Photobox & GIF Booth –

Photobox & GIF Booth

Photobox & GIF Booth is an interesting and interactive addition to the events, allowing the guests to take quirky and fun selfies and make eyeball-grabbing GIFs and share them on social media along with the event’s unique hashtag. It does not just keep the guests occupied and interested but also gives an event a much needed social media hype. Bid adieu to massive albums or drilling a hole in your pocket by hiring a professional photographer. Opt for the interactive photo booth for events and click & customize the pictures as per your mood and needs.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth –

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Magic mirror photo booth is a magical addition indeed! Make your anniversary or birthday parties, weddings and corporate events fun and interactive, entertain and engage the attendees and generate social media UGC for the magical event. The magic selfie mirror not just enables the guests to take photos but also add a signature with their finger and take home a printed photo within 10 seconds! The magic mirror photo booth is an awesome engagement and guests will surely love the emoji stamping features, real-like voice guidance and screaming contest to make the photo funny. It can even transport the guests to a world of social games like Tic Tac Toe or Pong. The magic mirror photo booth rental is cost-effective, it can be deployed quickly and the ready-to-use solutions are sure to add feathers to the cap.

Social Mosaic Wall –

Social mosaic lets the guest at the event click pictures with a mobile phone or photo booth, then share the picture through the web portal or social media, it then becomes a part of the social mosaic wall.

New Trends in Experiential Technology-

Experiential technology is a rapidly growing industry, full of new ideas and innovations. Businesses and brands are targeting new generation or Gen Z through their marketing efforts. Using experiential campaigns is one of the most effective and powerful marketing trends for Gen Z. Apart from new generation photo booths, below are few more trending and innovative experiential solutions to make any event a big hit in both the real and virtual worlds.

I. Hashtag and Social Cafe –

Hashtag and social cafe lets your concerts, exhibitions, launches, and mall activities become the king of social media buzz by asking the audience to tweet about your hashtag along with any box number they wish to open. Tweet is then detected and the screen reflects the box number allotted, the user then collects his/her surprise gift. This treat-for-tweet activity is not just interactive and imaginative but also generates UGC and promotes the brand effectively.

II. 3D Hologram Fan –

3D Hologram Fan provides a revolutionary visual solution as this hi-tech device creates, manages and displays the entire content with 3D holographic fan effect. This advertising tool is deployed at the place of promotion, viewer stops in their tracks to see the free-floating hologram display. This is a unique way to present products as no projection screen is required and the holograms can be viewed from any angle. It is cost-effective for permanent as well as temporary setups.

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