Renovating Your E-commerce Business With Cloud Technology

cloud computing

The essence of starting up a business enterprise is to fulfil a want or satisfy a need. Your venture should provide solutions to one or more challenges. If you are starting up an ecommerce development company or a magento development agency, your aim is to provide solution to magento, SEO and ecommerce challenges. The truth is, it is not always as simple and straight forward as customers tend to see it. You are very likely to encounter challenges when you are trying to solve a problem. It is still up to you to get a secondary solution to help solve the secondary challenge your primary solution is causing. Let us stick to the ecommerce example.

Most ecommerce ventures are on the brink of collapsing for a number of reasons. Some include finance, security, data issues and a host of others. It is not easy to address all these issues all at once. You can however take them one or two at a time. In most cases, finance is not actually the challenge. In the end however, the solutions tend to point at finance. One solution that can help you solve a number of challenges as regards your ecommerce venture is cloud technology. Cloud technology is a system that helps you deal with data and information. Before I exhaust my points here, below are means of renovating your ecommerce business with cloud technology.

Data Security

Data threat has is always a challenge to every ecommerce business owner. As an owner or operator of an ecommerce enterprise, you bear the burden of private and sensitive information of your customers. From Bio data, occupational information down to financial information. Securing them is a serious headache especially with unethical hackers on the prowl. With cloud computing, you can be rest assured that your information is safe. When using cloud storage, your information is encrypted and broken into parts before they are stored. This makes it a herculean task for hackers to tamper with your information.

Data Storage and assessment

One of the factors that put your information at risk is the absence of proper storage. It is paramount to have an effective and efficient storage system. Cloud computing gives you both. You can store and access information from wherever you are without much hassle. All you need is your login details and you are good to go.


This is the basic principle of doing business online. Impatience is not really a vice in this niche. Nobody will wait for more than five seconds for your website to load. If they are dissatisfied with your website speed, chances of them buying from you are almost if not actually zero. Having a good cloud platform as your website host will ensure that your website is not just fast but also accessible on the major browsers. With a slow website, you will hardly get website visitors.

Cost efficient business

Most people are looking for “cheap” and this usually results in the downfall of their business. Cloud technology may not be cheap but it is efficient. This means that cloud technology gives you the best results for even less resources. With cloud computing, you can do away with large hardware that serve as your information storage system. You will save more using cloud computing than using some bulky equipment for storing information. This is besides the fact that your information will be secure and easily accessible.

Customer trust

Will you have second thoughts about doing business with an ecommerce firm that meets all the points mentioned above? No, I do not think so. The reason is simple, because they seem like a formidable enterprise. Their customer oriented features will earn your trust and make you want to do business with them. Nothing beats having a customer’s trust. Without a customer’s trust, he or she will be a one off customer. With his trust, he will not only patronize you but encourage others to do so.

Cloud computing or cloud technology is a thing of the future. This is not really because it is something new. This is because it is very efficient. You do not need to break the bank to acquire cloud computing services. It makes the competition fair as it gives SMEs a fighting chance in the world of ecommerce.

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