Samsung’s New App Market

Since Samsung is now in position to dominate the smart phone market, it made sense for the company to start its own applications market where applications are optimized for Samsung mobile phones and tablets.  While Samsung may not control the Android ecosystem, it could build its own operating system and create its own apps market complete with a market interface called Samsung Apps.

Samsung bada apps

The Samsung apps market is full of third party apps that appeal to international markets and is an unusual place. Why is this so?  The mystery is now solved. Samsung opened Samsung Apps to go with its own Bada Operating system, according to Venture Beat. The audience was primarily outside of the U.S., mostly in the UK and Asian markets. However, it is entirely unclear whether Samsung Apps work on non Bada OS devices. The download instructions do appear to specify models to choose from when downloading.

The Samsung Apps launch announcement came on March 26, 2012,

“You can experience Samsung Apps anytime, anywhere through your mobile. The range of Android Smart Phone applications such as games, entertainment, and utilities in Samsung Apps, created by developers from all over the world, will enrich your device. Exact use varies depending on the device, so please refer to the website for detailed information. We will always do our utmost to provide better service and distinguished content. We welcome your feedback and hope you will continue to enjoy the Samsung Apps experience. Thank you.”

However, do not write off Bada or Samsung Apps yet. TechNewsWorld reports that Samsung Bada mobile device sales are just behind RIM in popularity, and the world knows that Samsung is now the major producer of mobile devices, whether Android or Bada powered.

The Samsung applications market is a robust enterprise with its own Google Play Store like interface on Bada mobile devices. Samsung Apps also has a Twitter account and a Facebook page dedicated to the Samsung Bada applications market. Facebook has a social networking forum with special offers and user comments.

The mobile phone options at Samsung Apps range from the Galaxy Note 10.1 to the oldest, the Galaxy Music. The wonderful benefit is that the user can select their device, then browse for apps rather than use trial and error to find out whether apps are optimized for their make and model of mobile device.

To end the Samsung Apps mystery and get back to the Android norm for browsing and trying mobile phone applications, Google Play is on Samsung Android OS devices. The Google play app has replaced the Android Marketplace for games, apps, movies, shopping and more as we know it.

Sam Jones, the author, has a tesco mobile phone deal and thinks that this new App market is definitely going to make the smartphone landscape more interesting.
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