The Secret To Creating Awesome Facebook Fans With Chat Tools

Considering the rate at which businesses are raising today, competition for number of customers and their consequent loyalty is something that needs to be set as a goal in every entrepreneur’s mind. In recent times, a lot of initiatives aimed at maintaining consumers ‘turn out have been formulated. One of the most recent ones is the use of social networks, and in this particular case Facebook chat tools.

How does the whole system operate?

To start with the basics, a business owner creates a fan page with an ultimate goal of increasing traffic in his or her own traffic.

The goal is mostly met through giving consumers useful information about a particular type of product in the market in an efficient and cheaper way. Most consumers will ‘ like ‘your page if it proves to be worthwhile. In the long run a close link between consumers and your business is created.

Now the big question is how one increases the number of fans using this chat tool!

Below are some of the simple initiatives to be undertaken:

Use of offers; be very practical in the way you treat your obviously interested customers. Consider setting up offers for people who like your page. An example may be a free product for every 20th like.

Post detailed information concerning your product; this particular approach ensures that inclusive information reaches the intended group. This is met through including links and videos or even outlining new uses of an already existing product.

Encourage customers to interact and input their contributions; customers do this by sharing their experience with a particular product. Also, you can use their articles in your blog with a definite link to your page.

Offer additional services to customers; this includes meetings that offer room for possible suggestions and ways of improving product and customer service. This may feature a question-answer forum or generally a one on one chat.

Use of an opt-in form; How does this come into the discussion?

Start by setting up a channel in which potential customers and funs can sign up with an opt-in form. This in the long run aids in creating an email list. Sometimes it may be hard to employ this particular method in the case of an Individual who is not familiar with it. In that case consider hiring the services of a


Choose administrators among your friends; this is helpful especially when the chosen administrators have a long list of friends on Facebook. How does this turn-up to be worthwhile? The administrators will definitely promote the fun-page together with their large group of friends. This is done particularly done through encouraging people to share. This in the long run influences the rate of appearance of the fun page in news feeds.

Use of email newsletters; this type of newsletters are sent to potential as well as existing users of a product. A suggestion to like the fun page or just become a fan is included.

In the long run one is bound to appreciate the publicity and general returns brought about by using this type of approach.

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