5 Secrets about Social Media Marketing In 2019

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Starting up a business enterprise or moneymaking venture can be quite draining. When I say draining, I mean in all aspects i.e. financial, physical, resources, etc. The rate of ecommerce development has opened additional channels as regards business development. Despite its immense contribution, ecommerce development has also come with its challenges. These days, you need to have some substantial level of knowledge of the internet if you want to survive the waters of current day ecommerce. You can actually employ the services of a good ecommerce development company if you do not have substantial knowledge of the internet. Making a presence on the internet is very important and can be done in various ways.

One way most business owners have seen it is by designing their own official website. This is a very good one as it makes your business enterprise and brand look professional. It is similar to having your own physical office that your customers can visit to make enquiries, requests, complaints, make purchases and so on. This method of establishing your online presence is quite effective yet it is very expensive. Social media is an alternative that is quite cheap yet almost as effective. The use of social media for marketing is similar to buying a space at a shopping mall instead of having to erect your own office.

There are actually some secrets to the use of social media for marketing. Most individuals think that social media marketing is about developing contents and dumping them on social media. Below are “5 secrets about social media marketing in 2019” that you can use to boost your business.

Time or period of posting matters

Social media has certain periods where users are most active and these are the best times to post your content. Despite how good your content may be or appear to be, it will not make wave if it gets lost in the flood of post. To show how important is to social media marketing, social media influencers charge you based on the time you want your content to be posted on their timeline. Posting at the wrong time could kill your content and stop it from kicking off. Most social media users will usually stop at the front page of the newsfeed.

Trends are an added advantage

Recently, a man who needed fifteen million naira to help facilitate the heart surgery his child needed got over seventy million in less than forty-eight hours. The reason was simples. Somebody made a video of him crying about his predicament, posted it on twitter and “added a hashtag”. The reason why that video went viral and generated interest was the fact that there was a hashtag. People love trends and hashtags are the means of creating trends on social media. To draw more attention to whatever you are marketing, you can either create a hashtag or develop a content to suit the current trending hashtag.

Keep track of your content

From hashtags, to influencers and contents on social media, there is need to know what is working and what is not working. This will help you identify which efforts are rewarding and which efforts are not. With this, you can determine which areas needs to be reinforced, rescinded and be left to continue. Tools such as hootsuite, sprout social, etc. can help you monitor and keep track of your progress.

Always employ the principle of “free”

People love the idea of getting things for what they believe is a steal. An average individual will rather pay for three related services individually than pay for all three in one place. People do not hesitate to subscribe to something that seems profitable and is tagged “free”. By employing the principle of “free”, I mean that your posts should not always be about business. Are you a dealer in automobiles? Instead of always posting cars that are for sale, you can think outside the box. You can give reviews about different cars (which you can even get paid to do), you can make comparisons on different cars and give different helpful tips on issues on car maintenance. You can also run contests, giveaways and promotional discounts. This technique has been proven effective to getting customers.

Style of content actually does matter

This one is not even something that you can question. From my observation, people tend to react to posts with pictures than those without pictures. To start with, a pictorial advert will draw your attention more than a written advert. People also tend to skip adverts, which are unnecessarily long. The individuals on social media are no different to those in the earlier mentioned examples and would act the same if found in this same scenario. To avoid being a victim of this, there are certain things you must do. Avoid overly long adverts, always use adverts with pictures and/or videos and be specific as to how your customers can benefit from what you are proposing. Nobody wants to hear how many mAh your power bank contains but how many times it can charge my phone to completion. Always tell your customers what is in for them.

Social media marketing to your business is like oil to an engine. Getting it from the wrong source or wrong form can damage your business. With these secrets however, you cannot go wrong. I call them secrets not because they are hidden but because you have not opened your eyes to take note of them.

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