SEO Tactics For The Post-Penguin/Panda Internet

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a field of internet marketing that’s constantly in a state of flux thanks to Google’s massive influence over the entire Internet. On more than one occasion, Google has rolled out algorithm updates that punish SEO practices that were once widely accepted. In the aftermath, webmasters are left with seriously reduced page rankings, web traffic and revenues.

Google Penguin

That’s exactly what happened last spring when Google rolled out their notorious Penguin update. From Google’s perspective, Penguin addressed a major problem caused by websites who linked to dozens, even hundreds, of other sites in hope of raising their rankings on search results. This created major headaches for end users, who wound up having to sort through dozens of low quality results in order to find something of value.

For webmasters, Penguin created headaches of a different sort. They suddenly found that the link networks they’d spent years, and sometimes thousands of dollars, developing were now rendered useless. These same folks also had to spend countless hours identifying and removing low quality links going to and from their sites.

Given the challenges of actually contacting a person at  most sites , this proved to be a very difficult task. But since Google demanded that both inbound and outbound links be of high quality, they didn’t have much choice.

Developing Penguin Friendly Links

Google’s main complaint against the old system of paid links and link exchanges is that it wasn’t, “organic.” The company decided that one of the best standards for measuring the legitimacy of links and their associated content was whether it was attached to a site that featured relevant, related content.

SEOs and webmasters quickly adapted their content strategies to account for Google’s new emphasis on organic links and began putting their own emphasis on a practice known as, “guest blogging.” Guest bloggers are simply writer from one blog who guest post on another, related blog in exchange for a link to their site.

Guest Blogging

While guest blogging is a great method for building organic link networks, it can be very time consuming. After all, you’ve still got to contact each individual blog, make arrangements to post, and then write the post. For some webmasters and blogger, this is more work than they’re able to do on their own.

Oftentimes, these time strapped bloggers will hire out a guest posting service like the one run by 4th Media in Denver, Colorado. These services not only write the guest posts, they find relevant sites to actually post them on. It’s a big job and, if you’ve been hit hard by Penguin, they’re well worth the money.


It’s a whole new world out there for SEO practitioners and webmasters. Simply keeping up with the ever-changing whims of Google executives, and the latest SEO best practices, can be very time consuming. Nonetheless, staying ahead of the SEO curve and keeping your traffic generating strategies in good shape isn’t something you can easily ignore.

Understanding how links work and how to utilize them to maximum SEO effect is one of the bet things you can do for your site.

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