Social Media Marketing Is Paying Off In the Penguin Age

social mediaSince Panda and Penguin, many businesses have switched their marketing focus from SEO to SMM (social media marketing). Many sources reported that they are getting better ROIs on SMM. Undeniably, SMM has to be done right to achieve results.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of driving traffic through social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. Promoting products through social sites is the latest and the most effective online strategy as reported by many businesses. Social Media marketing works especially well with Content Marketing and SEO. Millions of people socialize using social platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. This gives us a great and easy reach.

How to start a social media campaign?

Many businesses have no clear idea about how to initiate their social media marketing campaign. Beginning a social media campaign is not very difficult, but it is definitely a daunting task. To begin with, open an account at social sites and start socializing with your prospect in a friendly manner. Be an expert in your niche and try to solve the problems of your prospects by providing useful and reliable information. After building a base of followers, introduce your products which satisfy the needs and resolve the problems of your prospects.

Keep visitors and customers busy

Since people use social sites to interact and socialize, it gives you a good opportunity to keep your targeted prospects engaged at your site by providing solutions to their problems as well as other useful information of their interests. If your information is useful, visitors keep on coming back again and again. Engaged visitors tend to become customers over a period of time. In addition to that, their recommendation in forms of like, tweets, repins etc will bring you more visitors. This is the beauty of social media marketing, targeted visitors at lower costs!

Helps in building goodwill and client base

Social media channel helps in building goodwill and trustworthiness of your company. You have a great medium to keep your message clear. You control the frequency of your communication. Best part, they don’t cost a lot to communicate. So communicate effectively. By providing quality products and services, you can build a loyal client base.

Provide valuable feedback

Social sites allow you to interact with customers and help to get feedback about your products from prospects. Based on feedback and recommendations, you can make suitable changes in your products for betterment. Improved products sell better and attract more customers.

Better return on investment

Unlike organic search results, where you can not be sure whether your site will come up in search engine results to get traffic, social sites provide a steady stream of targeted traffic over and over. Thus, the ROI through social sites is higher compared to any other online strategy.

Keep track of customer taste and preferences

The biggest challenge faced by modern business organizations is to keep abreast with the changing tastes and likings of customers. Social media marketing makes it easy for you to know the latest tastes and preferences of your prospects. Since you interact with your prospects regularly through social sites, you are able to keep track of changing taste and likings of your customers. Based on their changing preferences, you can make quick changes in your product to win customers over and over.

Cheap promotion

Promoting products through social platform is the cheapest method. Unlike traditional promotional campaigns, there is no need to spend huge money for advertising your products to prospects. Interact with your customers regularly, and recommend new as well as established products as per the needs and requirements of customers without spending anything.

Generates quality leads

Lead generation is the most important aspect of any marketing strategy. There is no better way to generate leads than social sites like with Twitter using it’s Lead Gen Card. By socializing and interacting with targeted prospects, you can introduce your company’s newsletter or offerings and obtain their permission to send promotional emails. Targeted promotional emails get quick conversions and better sales.

Final words

Though there are millions of sites, but very few of them succeed online. Businesses that attain big success are often those that apply effective social media marketing alongside with Content SEO. Business owners who don’t employ social media marketing strategies are actually shutting their doors to online customers. So, don’t be a loser. Employ effective social media plan, monitor the plan periodically, make suitable amendments, and enjoy tons of targeted traffic and subsequent sales.

Daniel Tan is the founder and CEO at SEOPressor and Social Metrics Pro, helping bloggers and online businesses to amplify their marketing and audience reach. Discover more content:
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