Social Media Tips to Use Twitter & Facebook Effectively

Facebook TwitterWe all know just how big the role of Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform plays in our daily lives. It has become such an integral part of us that we just can’t do without it anymore. We’re hooked and we know it, yet we can’t seem to pry ourselves off.

It’s the place to go to, to connect with friends from all over the world, which is especially convenient for those of us who’ve been moving around since we were tots. Over time one tends to lose touch with them. However, social networking has changed that. Now a simple search would suffice to track them all down, and catch up on lost time.

Like I said, we’re all aware of the ‘social’ bonuses it has in our personal lives, so I won’t focus into it. Rather look at it from a different perspective. Its a plus points in terms of businesses, the 2 sides of the coin, i.e. the organizations and the consumers’ point-of-view.

For Organizations

  • Social Media platforms are a big boon for businesses in terms of promoting themselves on a large scale. Your words are carried across to tons of individuals out there.
  • If you have a promotion, or an offer of sorts, you can get the word out in no time at all.
  • Videos that explain your product/ service, works wonders. True, an image can speak volumes too; however, a short, catchy video may have twice the impact. It is necessary, though, that you understand your target audience beforehand. Remember, a ‘70-something’ old man’s, ‘wheezy-voiced’ monologue, may not help sell those Rollerblades.
  • Get interactive. Come up with contests that would keep your page alive.
  • These platforms also help serve as ‘customer support’. So ensure that you reply to all the comments and questions that come your way.
  • Update your page regularly. You need to keep them hooked and a ‘rarely-updated’ page won’t do the trick. Your commitment is essential.
  • Make sure your posts are appealing to your audience. Whether it’s 140 characters, or way more, if your audience thinks it’s a ‘snooze-fest,’ then you’re possibly losing out on a customer or more. Put up interesting little facts, videos or articles in relation to your field, humorous incidents around the work place, inspirational ‘start-up’ features. Anything as long as it holds their interest, and inculcates the urge to share it amongst their circle of friends.
  • Personalize them so that it doesn’t sound mechanical
  • Get honest feedback from your customers so as to improve your products/services.
  • Ask them for ideas in terms of your next venture. Your clients will feel good and important at having their suggestions taken into consideration.
  • You can also initiate a page within your organization, as a platform for the employees to be themselves and share stories or post questions. Encourage a friendly atmosphere to help them break loose.
  • You can keep them in the know, in terms of company announcements.
  • Motivate the employees by recognizing their hard work and commending them on a job well done.

For Individuals

  • These platforms are not only a great way to connect with friends, but also to help you on those job hunts. Organizations tend to post various vacancies on their pages, so, following them may not only give you a better idea of their company and work ethics, but also a list of possible jobs. Word to the wise, ensure your own page is free of pictures and content that you wouldn’t want prospective organizations to come across. So, if your current Profile Picture is a ‘drunk-you dressed as a drag queen’, change it immediately.
  • They also post details of events that are being conducted by them, which come in handy if it ever falls within your interest.
  • Learn more about the array of discounts and promotions that are up-for-grabs.
  • One can get their questions answered instantly, as live chats are usually in progress, all through the day.
  • You can choose a platform, to stay-in-the-know according to the amount of time you have in your hands. Twitter goes ‘right-to-the-point’. However, Facebook gives you a more detailed insight.
  • Follow others of similar interest and widen your circle of contacts.

Using Social Media for your business has never been easier, neither has strengthening your personal relationships. Social media has created revolution in terms of bringing this world closer together, and we’re the lucky ones to witness such a historical event.


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