Social Media vs Job Descriptions – What Employees are Doing at Work [Infographic]

Social Media vs Job Descriptions

In a recent survey of employees about social media some interesting facts were discovered. It turns out, as you may have wondered, most employers don’t have policy regarding how social media can be used. Has social media been outlined in employees job descriptions?

When it comes to job descriptions there aren’t many clear outlines. What I mean is that only about 1/2 of the employees surveyed said their job descriptions covered what they actually do. About 30% of employees said their job descriptions were dead on, outlining their daily activities. And 11% were left wondering, what job description?

Due to the lack of job descriptions in the workplace, and lots of ambiguity when job descriptions are present, it’s no wonder social media policies and usage requirements are unknown. Even if company has a social media policy in place most employees use their personal mobile devices to access their accounts so it is untraceable.

There have been recent stories in the news of employers asking employees for their passwords to Facebook or Twitter. I heard a recent radio program about this topic. It definitely instilled fear into my heart. Employees refusing to give up social media passwords were reprimanded or let go from the company.

Let me put your fears at rest, at least for now. Most employers, 96% of them, have never asked employees for passwords. With that said the future might change. But in the world of innovation and progression, if passwords become a requirement to social media accounts, I think people would just start using something else to outsmart their employers. After all, at least for now, email is still the most popular way to share things between employees.

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