Sony’s Xperia Z Tablet Have Beaten iPad Mini in Terms of Thickness

Xperia Z Tablet

Tablet is the newest category in mobile computing. This touch-screen device has revolutionized the industry. They usually run QNX, MS Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

Sony, the leading mobile computing brand, has embedded all of its innovative features and applications in its Xperia-series tablets.

This series has been extended to Xperia Z tablets which would be launched in the near future. According to the Sony’s press releases, this new device would feature the following specs:


The up-coming Xperia Z has taken lead over its rival 0.28-inch thick iPad mini tablet. Thickness of Xperia Z is 0.27 inches or 6.9 mm, thus making it the slimmest device. Moreover, it is also thinner than majority of the Android Smartphone (5 inch).


This tablet would be larger in size than iPad mini, which offers 7.9 inch display. Users will enjoy speedier performance and excellent high definition display on its 10.1-inch screen, which is powered by Mobile Bravia Engine-2.  Users would enjoy excellent multimedia experience with its 1920 x 1200 pixel display. The predecessor Xperia S tablet has a 9.4 inch screen.

Sharpness and color vibrancy are further enhanced by the Sony’s innovative image enhancing functionality.


Approx. weight of this new Xperia Z tablet would be around 495 grams. So the Sony Xperia Z is currently the lightest & slimmest computing device.


Users would enjoy excellent business capabilities and smoothly run high-tech applications. 1.5 gigahertz quad-core APQ8064 processor along with @ GB RAM would be incorporated in Xperia Z, thus speeding up the performance of multimedia applications. Moreover, the internal storage capacity of this tablet is 32 GB. The prior Xperia S tablet was introduced with quad-core Tegra 3 processor, whereas the iPad mini has A5 processor.


Capacity can be seamlessly increased through micro SD, NFC and 4 GLTE.

Operating system:

This Sony tablet would run the Android 4.1 Jelly bean operating system. So enjoy improved user interface, greater usability, impressive image/video functions, fast processing and much more.


White and Black.


In addition to the front camera, the back side of this tablet also has 8.1 MP camera.


In order to provide perfect balance of portability & performance, Sony has decided to go for 6000mAh. The competitor’s iPad mini and Nexus 10 are backed up by 11,560mAh and 9000mAh battery respectively. You would not have to worry as Sony’s power management would certainly deliver competitive performance. The users would enjoy excellent mobility experience as this light wiehgt Xperia Z can easily fit in your hand.

Other features:

This light weight tablet is dust-proof as well as water-proof. Just by tapping, information can be easily transferred to NFC devices.


No data available for the price yet.


Most impressive part is that consumers are being offered all of these high performance features and compelling technologies in a single ultra thin tablet. So you won’t have to wait longer as Xperia Z is expected to hit the Japanese market this spring, and hopefully the other market places during this current year.


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