3 Key Ingredients Of A Successful Video Marketing Campaign

video marketingVideo creation is an art. Get down the lighting, the energy, the presentation, and you can easily create an absolute masterpiece. The secret is in practice. Persistently practicing your video creation skills can help you become a true master. Just like any other skill, if you work at it over a set period of time you can churn out truly noteworthy creations. Feeling comfortable in front of the camera might take some time. Practice!

Overcoming the Blocks: I Sound and Look Funny

I know these two blocks are chief impediments to video creation success. Most people feel that they look funny when on video for the first time, and virtually all people believe that they sound funny. This is because you are not accustomed to hearing your voice in third person. You hear you, speaking from home – your body – but once you hear yourself speaking from a third person perspective, watching videos with you as the star, you might feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, or even embarrassed. You must get over these blocks because self-conscious tendencies influence you to hide away from individuals.

You will pull back, talk in a hushed tone and be lifeless, absolutely spoiling your chances at creating a noteworthy video. You will also scare off confident, assured individuals who will be turned off by your meek, weak presentation. Have faith! Get over yourself. Trust me, once you learn to laugh at yourself conscious tendencies you will open yourself up to an exciting new world, a world where you grab life by the horns and start creating fabulous content.

You look great and you sound even better. Now get on with creating videos, practice, and as you cut through these self conscious tendencies the quality of your work will skyrocket.

Shoot in the Right Light

Using the proper lighting can help you create a wonderfully entertaining video, as people need to see you in order to fully embrace your presentation. Shooting in dark locations, or in uneven lighting, creates a shadowy type appearance which can distract otherwise entice viewers. You can only make a firm impression if you are willing to shoot videos properly, and getting down the right lighting is a huge factor in this presentation.

Toy around with lamps indoors or shoot videos around noon time outdoors, or even better, shoot videos a bit later or earlier in the day, so you can receive maximum sunlight on your face from the proper direction. Too much sun might make you glow a little much; guard against this situation. Just practice, and tweak, and create, and test, and you will be able to get your lighting down and put out a masterpiece.

Choose Juicy Titles

Choosing juicy titles helps you to draw in viewers with greater ease. Take time to select titles which resonate with your target audience. You can only boost page views if people are actually interested in what you have to offer and the only piece of content people view on twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook is your video title. Take the time to craft a really enticing, eye-catching title. Do not rush through this process or else your video creation efforts go to complete waste, and I know you are not going to be happy about spending significant time crafting a high energy video with few views, correct?

Get over yourself. Release self conscious tendencies by shooting videos over and over, practicing your craft and gaining comfort around the camera. Shoot in the proper lighting to optimize your presentation and choose juicy, enticing titles to draw viewers to your presentation persistently. Use these tips to rock out your video creation campaign today.


Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers various topics related to online and offline marketing; if you are in need of materials for your upcoming trade show, she recommends visiting ExhibitDeal.com.
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