Useful Tactics to Get Traffic and Ranking from Guest Post

Blogging is the most common tactics to enrich your website with high quality and informative content and all most every website has its blog attached with it. But, the main problem is, is your blog bringing traffic and ranking for your website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing? If it’s not then ask yourself that are you spending some quality times to create a fruitful strategy for work?

Blogging is the great way to get attachment with your visitors and customers but guest blog posting is the ultimate solution to make your website popular in your niche in digital marketing world. There are some specialize ways to get more traffic and healthy SERP position in search engines and here in this article I’m going to write about those ways to make your struggle easy. So, let’s have a quick look at it.

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Know Your Audiences

Guest blogging is effect less when you are not aiming for the exact audience to promote your products or services. It’s like you are hitting a target without knowing your aim. So, it’s your primary task to aim your actual customers to target. There are lots of different niches in digital marketing world and it has various types of audiences, if you are going to cover all of them then you are covering no-one. So, be specific by targeting actual visitors in your niche.

Write Great Content

Content is the most powerful element of digital marketing world and you must try with your best effort to create high quality, innovative, informative and attracting content for your website as well as for blog and guest blogging. And now we are standing on a world where every-one has a blog to post article. So, the competition is always at its high level. You just have to beat them all by gaining great skill of writing.

Build Relationship with Bloggers

It’s always better to have friends in your working niche. If you are trying to establish in digital marketing world then you must build some healthy relationship with bloggers. You can get some interesting tips and tactics ideas to implement in your website and blog to get more traffic and higher rankings in your business keywords.

Follow SEO Guidelines

Do not try to cross the SEO guidelines to achieve success in shorter time. Guest blogging is an ethical way to acquire high quality backlinks and you just need to keep this words in your mind by doing all ethical approach which doing guest posting for your website or blog. There is nothing shortcut way to reach your goal so try hard to get the fruitful results.

There are many software available in the market and you can use them too save your time and to get better results in shorter time. Here are some examples –

Sumo – It’s a social share buttons to get more relevant traffic, windows pop up to collect emails and more.

ConvertKit – ConvertKit is to build squeeze pages and it can create opt-in forms to embed on your blog posts with giveaways.

MailChimp – Is a WordPress plug-in to display an email opt-in box on every page of my site. It can help you to build email list and send effective emails.

Buzzstream – Is an automated tool for researching link prospects as well as conducting campaigns.

Getting high volume traffic and healthy ranking position is the main aspect of doing guest blog posting for some website. You can use those up-written tricks to make your plan work.

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