Tips on Using Google+ To Improve Search Engine Rankings

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Search engine optimization changes all the time, which makes it imperative for SEO specialists to get acquainted with the new trends.

Google+, the social network launched by the most popular search engine, is expected to start playing an important role in website search engine positioning in the future. In fact, the social network is already affecting SEO techniques.

You can use Google+ to improve your search engine rankings in a number of different ways. Here are several important tips that will help you make the most out of this new social media option.

Increase the Number of Google+ Followers

Google+ membership affects search engine results that internet users are seeing. People that are members of the social network and that are logged in will get specific results for a certain keyword. The results that people who are yet to create a Google+ account will get are very different.

Try to increase the number of people that are part of your Google+ network. Sharing links to your website there and getting others to +1 these links is going to affect your website’s search engine positioning.

Your followers are also likely to view your website among the top search engine results for a specific keyword. This is precisely what search engine optimization is trying to achieve. Expanding your network is an important part of using Google+ to improve search engine rankings.

The Importance of +1 for Optimization

Your search engine optimization strategy should include encouragement for readers and followers to +1 your content. The importance of this activity was mentioned as soon as Google+ was launched.

The easiest way to encourage this form of social sharing is to add a Google +1 button to every page on your website. People who like the content and are willing to share it will just have to click the button without even leaving your website or blog.

Google +1 information is already appearing in the search engine results. This form of optimization is having a psychological aspect, as well, because people are more likely to try the websites that other users have viewed and recommended.

Google+ Pages for Businesses and SEO

Google+ business pages are very important for the optimization of your corporate website and for its search engine positioning.

A number of big corporations have already created their Google+ pages. The first important aspect of having a Google+ page is that it will appear in search engine results for a specific keyword or a company name.

Google users are given another very important option that is called Direct Connect. Having a + mark typed before the search term itself will take the search engine user directly to the company’s Google+ page. These innovative search characteristics affect a company’s online visibility and the optimization of its website or blog.

Claiming Authorship of Your Pages

Google+ comes with another very important feature in terms of search engine optimization – it allows you to claim the authorship of all the articles and pieces of content appearing on your website and written by you.

Claiming your authorship is a relatively simple task. You will simply have to format the URLs of articles in a specific way. As a result, your name and photo will appear next to each result that appears through Google searches.

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Claiming the authorship is connected to another important advantage. Google+ users will be capable of adding you to their network directly through the search engine results. This will be an easy and efficient way to expand your own network.

It is also important to directly connect your website to your Google+ profile. The connection happens through the usage of a simple piece of code. Alternatively, you can add a Google+ badge to each of your pages, which will make it easier for people to approve of your website and to become part of your Google+ network.

All of these simple steps are going to be efficient when you are using Google+ to improve search engine rankings. Working on a complete profile and discovering the numerous ways to connect it to your website or blog will affect your search engine positioning. You should also make it easier for your readers to +1 your content and to help you in achieving a better search engine ranking for your pages.

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