5 Tips To Effectively Optimize Your Google + Places Listing

Google plusA good Google Places listing can help you get easy traffic to your site. If you are wondering why optimizing your Google+ Places is important, then the answer is simple. Approximately a third of every search is based on location and Google Places makes it very easy to obtain a page one listing.

For example if you are a Real Estate Display Home with multiple sales offices or a retail boutique with multiple outlets, Google Places is an excellent channel to use.

Here is a look at 5 tips to effectively optimize your Google+ places listing.

1. Contact Details on Your Site

The first tip for an effectual Google places optimization is making sure that you have a contact details page on your website. This page should have details of your phone number and business address. A map is useful as well.

2. Get Citations

You should have citation from around the internet. Citations are when your business or company is listed on other sites, you want to ensure that the right details, that is address, and phone number among other important details are on those sites.

You should make this 100 percent correct for each of your citation around the internet. If it is 100 percent correct, you will get higher ranking in Google Places listings. This will drive more traffic to your websites, hence making your business more known and ultimately bringing more sales.

But you should note that if you have different phone numbers appearing on different websites, this will have an impact on your raking as well.

3. Get Reviews on Your Google Places Listing

It is very important that you get reviews and comments on your places listings. Today, it is not easy to get reviews, particularly as people are more liable to give negative reviews. Therefore, if you have some people who really appreciate and compliment you on your service or product, just send them a link or request them to go to Google Places listing and have them leave a review. This is a great way to give your website a better ranking.

4. Connect With Local Businesses

It is important that you take the chance to post an article on other local companies in the area, whenever you get that opportunity. This way, you will be able to prove to Google that you work within the local region and you are prominent in the locality.

5. The Google Places Dashboard

If you believe there is an issue with your listing, you might access your dashboard. You simply have to log in there and you will be given any errors or other things that you should tidy up.

But at the end of the day, never depend on Google Places, never depend on Google and never depend on a single traffic source. It is good to have many different sources from everywhere in the internet. Hence again, do not depend on Google Places, you will have your listing jumping up and down for any reason.
Although reviews come and go, the most excellent thing you can do is concentrate on your number one asset, which is your website. Increase it; make it the source of power. Put a lot of audio and video on it.


Michael writes about social media and search engine optimization. He uses his experience in this with his work for Affordable Living Homes, Perth’s premier home builder.
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