Top 5 Apps for Job Searching

Smartphones serve people in so many more ways than allowing them to stay connected with phone calls. There are many great apps that can be downloaded to a device that can keep the individual up to date with their social networks or allow them to stay organized, productive or entertained. With the number of people currently unemployed and seeking work, apps that can really be useful are those that can assist in job searching. Some of the best of these apps are explored in detail below.

Job Compass

Job Compass is free and is available for Windows Phone. It gives the user the opportunity to search through job listings provided by Career Builder. You can search via industry, employment type, company name, location and salary range. With the app, you can save your searches to go back to them at any time. You are even able to view your job listings while offline. is one of the top job search engines, and it is free on Google Play for Android smartphones. It is also available for the iPhone at the iTunes App Store. You can conveniently search among thousands of job websites around the world. It is easy to view and save jobs in your searches and email them if necessary.

Job Search Organizer – My Jobs Pro

Job Search Organizer – My Jobs Pro is $2.99 on the App Store and is excellent for keeping all of your job search information neatly organized for quick and easy access. You can search for jobs and store information about companies, interviews and deadlines. The user interface is neat and easy to understand. You can browse through jobs listed on Indeed, LinkedIn and Simply Hired and use the My Jobs website to sync and enter data on any jobs that interest you. It even includes a map that allows you to easily find a location when you have an interview. is one of the top job search engines, and it is free to download to your Android smartphone. It includes a great GPS feature that makes job hunting simple and convenient. You can search through jobs at anytime, anywhere you are. Save jobs you are interested in so that you can email them or apply for them later. You can access your Monster account and view and save your resumes, cover letters, prior job applications and more. is a great free app that allows you to search for jobs from the top employers at any time. You can conveniently search through hundreds of thousands of job listings throughout the United States by industry, keyword, company and location. There is also a GPS feature built into the app that helps you to find appropriate jobs that are near your location. You can read detailed information on all jobs that appear in your searches and can share them via email or text message. Apply to the jobs of your choice immediately, right at your fingertips on your iPhone.

Consider one or more of these top job searching apps if you are unemployed or employed and want to find a new job. They are convenient and can allow you to improve your job search as well as your odds of landing interviews and a new career position.

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