Top 10 Most Creative And Unique Flash Websites Of 2013

Finding a poorly-made Flash website is still too easy to do in 2013. Thankfully, examples of a well-implemented, thoughtfully-designed Flash website are out there. These Flash websites show off both the capabilities of Flash and what developers, such as those in the New Jersey web development community, are capable of doing. Here is a look at 10 creative and unique Flash websites from 2013 that immerse users in never-before-seen ways:

1. Disney New Fantasyland

This Flash site gives viewers a unique story experience filled with impressive visually effects and music. The site moves fast and has lots of fun content to keep children highly entertained for hours.

2. The Museum of Me

Designed by global chip maker Intel, The Museum of Me creates an amazing visual tour of the user’s Facebook profile. Videos, photos and update statuses are all aggregated and turned into an organized, visual archive of the user’s Facebook life. The website is designed to look like an art gallery and is a great way to visualize yourself.

3. Old Spice Music Muscle

A music creation website that uses muscles for the instruments? It doesn’t get much more unique than that. Users can upload their own music through Vimeo to use for jamming on Terry Crews muscles. This creative site has to be seen to be believed.

4. Flash Driving Game

An experience that truly shows off Flash’s potential, this driving game has console gaming-like graphics. No other Flash video game currently has better graphics than this. This will truly impress upon you what developers can do with Flash.

5. We Choose The Moon

Using a combination of archived video, audio and photos, users are able to experience what the Apollo 11 mission was like up close and personal. The well-done integrated meshing of these different elements shows how well Flash can be for recreating historical events.

6. Moodstream

Meant to be used as a brainstorming tool for creative output, users adjust mood sliders. What follows is a stream of video, audio, and images meant to help the users get their creative brainpower working. This is another great example of using Flash to mesh different elements together.

7. Monoface

A fun, entertaining tool that allows users to create a unique face with 759.375 possible combinations.

8. Waterlife

This site shows what creative advertisers can do to advertise a movie using Flash. The
navigation of this site is meant to be fluid, just like the documentary it is advertising.

9. Clouds Over Cuba

Another example of Flash allowing users to immersive themselves in history. This site is an interactive documentary that shows users the Cuban Missile Crisis like never before.

10. Infinite OZ

Infinite OZ is a creative way to bring viewers an in-depth, behind the scenes look at a television show. The many sets on the show are easily toured thanks to great use of Flash animations.

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