Top Five Things To Do With Your New iPhone


Getting a new iPhone is an incredibly exciting time and one that will have you buzzing with anticipation as you wait for it to charge so you can start trying out all the features. Here’s a tip from me – wait until you get home and you’ve done all your chores, put on some music you like, tidy the home and make a cup of tea; this way you can really savour the moment and enjoy the phone to its fullest.

While this is a lot of excitement however, often we find that once we’ve opened the iPhone and the big moment is over, we then find ourselves at a loss for what to do next. We might browse to a couple of pages on the browser, we might download a couple of games to play… but pretty soon it will be just a shiny thing on the table that we can’t stop touching and grinning at. Chances are though that you could be getting more from your device. Here are some of the things you should do right away then…

Change the Background

Your iPhone is a highly personal piece of equipment that will have your life on it and that you’ll carry with you wherever you go.  Thus you want the look of it to reflect that, so taking a photo or downloading a picture to use as your background is as good a way as any to start.

Change the Ringtone

Likewise default ringtones aren’t much fun either, so download one that you like and that let’s you know it’s your iPhone that went off when someone texts or calls.

Sync With Your PC

This is pretty much a requirement due to the way that iPhones work – so make sure that you download iTunes, set it up and then sync your phone. From now on this is how you will get things on and off of your device, and it’s how you’ll back everything up in case of emergency.

Set Up Cloud Music

If you want to enjoy music on your device then these days there’s no better way than to do so over the cloud which will give you more room for other things while at the same time letting you access near-limitless songs. I’m going to recommend using Spotify for this which gives you access to most songs you could ever want for a relatively small monthly fee. You can also use other cloud storage services to store your music and your other media – for instance using DropBox or more likely the iCloud service that will come with your device.  This way you’ll have plenty more room for games and other things.

Set Up Find My iPhone

iPhones have all kinds of extra features other phone owners have to do without, and one of the most impressive of these is the ‘find my iPhone’ feature. This is very much worth setting up, because once you’ve done it you’ll be able to track your iPhone if ever you lose it or someone should steal it.

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Guest Author: Robbie Crowe is a tech freak and an avid blogger, who has shared iphone 4s unlock instructionsthrough his blogs.
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