Top 5 Free IPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

With thousands of iPhone apps on the market how do you even begin your search for that perfect app? We’ve all heard “there’s an App for that,” however there are only a handful of crucial ones that we absolutely cannot live without. From A to Z, these are the top 5 free iPhone Apps that are essential in our everyday lives.

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

Flipboard is more than just an app that shows you the latest and greatest of what’s going on in the news world. Flipboard pulls unique and interesting content from various social media and newspaper outlets, yet only shows you relevant stories unique to your preferences. You pick the topics and Flipboard does the rest. Browse through only relevant content that you actually want to read. Catch up on your news and social media all in one place. See preview here


The moment you need to analyze where that sneeze, cough or rash came from open the WebMD app to have a quick, easy and free reference and diagnosis. As well as providing listings for medical professionals in your area, the app also checks your symptoms as well as suggesting drugs & treatment. This is a must have for everyone! See preview here

Imo Messenger

If you are anything like the majority of the general population, you use Facebook, Google Talk, Skype, Aim and several other applications just to send a message to someone! Imo Messenger takes the stress out of your social life by combining messages into one simple platform. The app is absolutely free and even allows you to contact family and friends in other countries. Preview the App here


If you don’t already have it, Yelp is a must have free downloadable app! What are you looking for? No matter if you are in your hometown looking for a new feed or traveling and on the road and in need of anything from a dentist to a fine jewelry store, Yelp will map out all the options for you at the click of a button! Read reviews from an active community, find the best of the best and get directions to your new destination. Forget your GPS for help in finding retail locations or restaurants. Yelp will do the job in a unique and fun way! See preview here


Again, forget your GPS! Waze will not only get you to your destination the most efficient way. Waze reports road closers as well as traffic backups in real time and will always re-route you the fastest way possible. Waze also shows road hazards, police traps and special advisories so you can always get your destination without any surprises. Improve your daily commute or annual road trip with this must have app! See preview here

These are the five free iPhone Apps that you need to make your everyday life a bit easier and care free. Don’t pay another penny for useless iPhone Apps that take up space and that you never actually use!

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