Top 5 Health & Safety IPhone Apps

Top 5 Health & Safety IPhone AppsFor some managers and supervisors, hearing the phrase ‘health & safety’ being muttered in the office is enough to trigger a cold sweat. The dreaded words conjure up visions of annoying rules, long-winded regulations and lots of paperwork. However, health & safety training doesn’t have to involve stuffy seminars and reading through endless books and pamphlets about regulations and guidelines. Modern businesses and managers can make the most of new technology and download some of these health & safety iPhone apps so the subject is entertaining and interactive for themselves and their employees.

St John’s Ambulance First Aid

St John’s Ambulance is the UK’s leading provider of first aid training courses, and their iPhone app is the definitive guide to dealing with many common emergencies. The app has detailed descriptions and voice instructions for identifying and treating many ailments and injuries that are likely to happen in the workplace. All employees should be able to treat the likes of head injuries, burns, cuts and other common injuries, and the easy-to-follow instructions and animations could potentially save an employee’s life in the case of a workplace emergency.

SCDF Fire Safety

Fire safety is an often overlooked part of workplace training, but its importance cannot be underestimated. Many people rely on simple fire safety tips from their childhood, but all members of the workplace need to know about manual call points, operating fire extinguishers and what to do if they get trapped by fire. This handy app covers all of these emergencies with step-by-step information, and it also has guidance about what to do in case of a fire outbreak and how to safely evacuate a building. The app even has a game mode where players can rack up points by extinguishing fires in a burning building, but it’s best to play it when the boss isn’t looking.

Occupational Health and Safety

This free app features dozens of free videos dedicated to safety in the workplace. The videos cover a range of different topics including the importance of risk assessment in the office, electrical safety tips and safe warehouse training. The videos are to a professional standard and the information provided is very useful. The app is one of the easiest ways for any workplace to get in line with official regulations and legislation.

Ultimate Guide To Health And Safety At Work

The Ultimate Guide iPhone app is a detailed and exhaustive manual to creating and maintaining a safe work environment. The guide has important information for employees and managers, and it is a much easier and more practical way to look up protocols and guidelines than locating and leafing through dusty books in the HR office.

UK Health And Safety Quick Self Assessment

This app offers a quick and handy way to perform a risk assessment in the workplace. It lists all the relevant steps needed to operate a safe work environment, and employees can answer the step-by-step questions to see if their workplace is meeting health guidelines and regulations. The app gives a feedback review at the end of the assessment and offers practical suggestions and information about how to improve the safety of a workplace. Using iPhone apps as a way to teach and promote health & safety in the workplace can be an effective and educational way to get employees engaged with the subject. However, it must be noted that these apps should be used as a supplementary tool and they cannot be replied upon to replace proper training courses for employees.

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Ross Davies was pleased to be able to write about his recent experience with Lebreton Health & Safety Training when reviewing health & safety procedures and also the potential for training staff using iPhone Apps at work. Ultimately he opted for a combination of the two.
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